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Friday, April 4, 2008

It’s Funny Now - Luna’s Face Plant

The boys’ birthdays got us reminiscing about old times and thinking about all the crazy things that we have done with the pugs over the years.  The things that seemed to be the most memorable were the embarrassing moments or the times when our parenting just wasn’t up to par.  So, I thought I would share some of these stories over the next couple of weeks.  If I have any pics I will share them too, but I don’t think I have too many pictures of these events as I am glad that most of them went undocumented. grin

Luna’s Face Plant

Adopting Luna was a very exciting time for us.  We were literally giddy with excitement and we couldn’t wait to welcome the little girl into the family.  Part of welcoming her into the family, for us, was to take her to do all the things that we enjoyed doing with the boys.  One of those things was going to the beach.

So, shortly after we adopted her, we made plans to go to the beach.  When we arrived at the beach, we went for a little walk along a boardwalk trail.  A walk that the boys had been on a countless number of times.  But, watching Luna learn her way around made the walk new again.  At the end of the boardwalk path is steps leading down to the beach.  The boys know this and this is usually when they get most excited because they can’t wait to get to the beach.  In all our excitement to get to the beach we all start to run.  The boys hit the stairs at a full sprint and Luna, feeding off the energy of her brothers, is not far behind.  We are almost to the bottom of the steps and I notice that the last step is going to be a big jump as the ocean has washed away much of the sand and now the steps don’t quite go all the way down to the sand anymore.  No problem.  It is certainly not a huge jump, it is just a bit longer so it breaks the momentum.  The boys see the difference and make the leap to the beach.  Luna doesn’t and she lands smack dab on her face.  We make the jump, pull her up out of the sand only to see that her face is covered in sand and so are her eyes.  The little girl never even blinked.

At this moment, we realize that the water we brought is in the truck.  So, one of us stays behind to try and wipe the worst of the sand off her face, while the other sprints to the truck to get the water so that we can flush her eyes.

We get the sand out of her eyes and Luna is really no worse for the wear.  She is ready to start running around on the beach.  But it is at this moment, that I start looking around because I am certain that someone is about to come take Luna from us.  She has been with us all of maybe three days and look how we are treating her.  Clearly we are not fit.

This was our wake up call to Luna’s vision issues.  We found out the hard way that the girl really can’t see all that well.  It was a process learning how Luna sees the world.  Over time we found out that Luna doesn’t really see that well looking down and that she can’t see much of anything at night.  After the face plant incident, we took things a lot slower with Luna as we had to figure out what she can and can’t see.

It was a wake up call for us and made us realize all of the things that we took for granted with the boys.

To this day, every time we go to the beach, I think about Luna sticking her head in the sand.  Lucky for us they let us keep her!

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Okay, is it mean to say I would have loved to see that?  Heck, I’ve done a face plant before!  I doubt anyone would EVER take Luna or the boys from great Puggy parents like you two!



Our little Petunia had a simialr experience….she ended up with freshy cut grass clipping in her eyes! She can’t see well either and like little Luna is on several eye drops to help her along. I enjoy your blog so much you seem like great pug people!



Oh, Punchbug!  I love your name and I’m guessing you have a VW bug?  Our family loves to play punchbuggy!

Poor Luna.  That must have been frightening for her.  Good thing she had such loving humans around to comfort her after that ordeal.  I’m sure she was encouraged by the comments from her brothers afterward, when they told her how great you guys are and how she’d be safe with you guys….well, mostly. lol



Thank goodness you had the smarts to flush her eyes with the water in the car!  No one would dare try to take your babies from you because you are obviously very caring people and everyone makes a mistake now and then!  I think your pugs are truly blessed!



People laugh at me for the stuff I carry around when I take the dogs out (eye drops and lots of water are some of the items).
Poor Luna.. what a wake up call that must of been.
The first time we took Indy to the beach, we were following the cement path and it was cooler so the beach was empty. We kept asking her if she wanted to run and she got super excited. We let her off leash, she turns around and grabs a huge mouthful of sand. We were hysterical (it sounds so mean) but she spent the next 10 minutes spitting out the sand, I had to wash her face off, rinse her eyes and wash her mouth out. But other then that, she loved it. smile



It has been wonderful to hear all your adventures.  I haven’t taken Mr. Skittles to the beach yet,(still not very warm here) but will keep in mind lots of water, and we will see what happens!
I do treat my little guy like he is human, and my daughter even calls him her little brother.  I cannot imagine life with out him, and I’m sure that I am not the only one.
Have a great weekend, pugs & kisses from Nova Scotia.



Oh, poor Luna! And yet what amazing resilency that she still was running around the beach after that experience. I love Luna. She sounds like a super awesome pug.



Awww… Luna is so sweet. I have not taken my pug to the beach yet, but when I do, I will bring fresh water ! smile You are great puggy parents!



great flash back and I think you are great pug parents Luna sol and the boys are very lucky to have such loving parents

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