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Monday, May 22, 2006

Land or Sea?

Luna in her life vest

We are a water loving family.  On warm, sunny days we love going to the dog beach or spending time swimming in the pool.  But like a lot of families we are a little dysfunctional.  See, Benjamin hates the pool.  And by hate, I mean loathes!  He detests the pool so much that he insists that no one else should swim in it.  So when anyone else is in the pool, Benjamin paces, barks and whines.  He is perfectly happy at the beach splashing in the surf and rolling in the sand, but the pool is just too much for him.

Henry, on the other hand, loves the pool.  Sometimes, we have a hard time keeping him out of the pool.  There is nothing he likes more than playing fetch in the pool.

So with one pug that loves the pool and one that hates it, we have been anxious to find out if Luna is a surf or turf kind of girl.  To answer our burning question, we suited Luna up in Henry’s old life vest that he had outgrown and put her in the pool.

Luna swimming in the pool

Well what do you know?  The girl is a very good swimmer!  She is very calm while in the water and does a really good job of keeping her head up high and not splashing too much while paddling.

After a few minutes of testing the water, she was even ready to chase after her brother.

Luna chasing Benjamin in the pool

While Luna is an excellent swimmer, I can’t see her getting excited about getting in the pool.  She tolerates it if we put her in, but I can never see her just jumping in the pool on her own free will like Henry does.

So I think the question that has been on our minds for so long has been answered.  Luna is a land lover.  Looks like Benny will have someone to play with while everyone else is swimming in the pool.


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