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Monday, November 14, 2011



We have been doing a bit of Fall cleaning lately and look who ended up in the laundry basket. The circles in the laundry basket make Henry look like he is in some sort of vortex.

Henry did skip the wash and instead got a nice long bath in the tub.

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Looks like Hank is in the spin cycle!  LOL What a cool shot, love it!  So creative!!!



I love this picture Henry looks puzzled
Corrine I got my calander on saturday I love it



Love it! Henry you look mesmerizing! Kisses to you!

How are everyone’s pugs feeling? Pip seems to be doing better. Fingers crossed that he will be up to speed here shortly!

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip



Ahhhh, a pug in a vortex…rather fitting.  How’d you know where he was?

Heather, I was thinking about you this weekend and shed a few tears.  As I was researching collapsed trachea (fact finding for Georgie’s problem), I came upon Solsey’s xray pictures showing how hers were.  On that same blog, you told of your beloved Riley’s passing.  It’s hard to know how we get through these things, isn’t it.  Some how we do and some how we learn to live with it as I’m sure you now understand.

Pug hugs
Huckle &
the Swamp Pugs

sue states


LOL! Henry you are too funny! Echo hope all the fur babies are doing better. Huckle it is amazing(grace) that we get through our losses as a pastor/pet lover I see the affect on families and yet I also see the relief that comes in knowing our loved ones suffer no more there is peace in their peace. Pug hugs from the Colorado 4



Awwww Huckle, I’m shedding tears.  Thank you for thinking of me.  Riley’s passing still hurts each and every moment of every day…there isn’t a day that passes that I don’t relive our days with him and desperately ache to have him back in our pack.  *sigh*  I can’t think about it for too long because I get physically sick thinking of the inevitable and then my mind goes to the day it happened too and…Well, you know how it goes.  Hard to control these brains of ours.  Certainly miss that lil’ boy with every ounce of my being, that’s for sure!

I hope you get Georgie’s issues sorted out quickly!  You’re in my prayers.



I think Henry was helping by making sure the basket was empty!  Although his expression to me says “what will she be taking a picture of next?”



Henry looks like he is wondering why he is in the laundry basket…cute picture.

Gina, happy to hear Pip is doing better.

Huckle and Heather, very touching.

Now, with the news of Luna’s big eye improvement, I have great news of my own.  Since the mid 1990s I have not been able to see clearly out of my left eye.  I had to have laser on that eye in 1997 to stop the bleeding.  As a result scar tissue formed.  Since then I have not been able to see all of the big letter E (the first letter on the eye chart) completely, only half of it. 

Today I had a regularly scheduled eye exam and started the usual eye chart.  I started with my left eye, could see all of the big letter E, PLUS three rows after that!!! The dumb thing is I didn’t realize what I was doing until after I started the test with my right eye. I was astouned, but it didn’t really sink it at first. 

I asked my doctor what was going on.  He didn’t have a clue, and couldn’t understand it either.  He just told me not to question it but be joyful. The vision in that eye is now 20/30.,  I still have some scar tissue and have to move my head around a little to see everything, but I can do it!!!

When I left, got in my car, it hit me.  I pray to St. Lucy (patron saint of people who have eye problems), not necessarily for me, but for all the people who have vision problems (at least I can still see).  I believe I experienced a miracle.  I’ve been calling my family and friends.  I even left a message for my priest.  Somehow God has seen fit to grant me this miracle. 

You may wonder why I didn’t notice this on my own.  For years my right eye has compensated for my left eye and it has become second nature.  I didn’t realize the first time my eyesight was bad in my left eye because my right eye took over and it wasn’t until I took an eye test to renew my driver’s licence that I knew it was bad. 

That is the second miracle I have received this year.  I believe the first one was for Romeo…no Cushing’s, no vestibular, and if he has a brain tumor he shows no signs of it either. 

Anyway, I want all of you to rejoice with me.  You are dear friends.



Henry, what a cutie to be in the laundry basket!
but it does look like a vortex of some sort!

Great news Sue VDB. wonderful to hear how your vision has improved.
Thinking of you Heather, I got a lump in my throat reading about Riley :(
Gina, hope Pip is doing well, as are everyone’s furbabies!! xo



Thanks Pat…I’m fighting back the tears still…

Sue VDB - I’m so pleased for you, what a wonderful, wonderful miracle!  May you continue to reap the rewards for all the caring you do for others!!!  YAY YAY YAY!  (Also give Romeo a smooch please!)



Heather, about your beloved Riley on that blog, Karen B. called him Angel Riley.  So fitting because he was your Angel.

Sue VDB, if I had the physical capabilities, I would be doing cartwheels for you and your miracle.  Now how great is that!  It’s possibly a gift for you for all you do for others.  And Romeo was blessed also.

As for Georgie, it was very good that I got an appointment with the vet today.  Yes, it is a collapsing trachea that he has so is on medication, antibiotics, etc.  He’s such a little love and I hate that he has to go through this.  The good part is that he doesn’t have pneumonia yet but his lungs and heart are are heading toward it.  He said the lungs have some fluid but he thinks that we caught it in time.  I took Solsey’s picture of her trachea taken with a scope, showed him and he could show me on that what we are dealing with.

Bless you little Solsey! You are still helping out others.

There was a large, dark mass that appeared on Georgie’s xray and I was worried.  Not to worry, it was just a large bubble of gas that will be expelled as a…..fart.  Oh goodie, where are the clothespins.

Hellen Norton


Oh Sue…I am so happy for you!! God blesses us sometimes without warning!! I am legaly blind in both eyes..found out when I was 12/ I wear tri-focuse glasses and with them I am finde.

Henry thankoodness they found you before you ended up getting a really BIG bath and rinse. Bathtubs work great of all dogs especially PUGS.



Thank you friends for your kind remarks.  I am truly blessed for your friendship.

Huckle, so sorry to hear about your Georgie.  Isn’t it amazing though how Solsey still affects our lives and allows you to understand Georgie’s condition. I will pray to St. Francis for your sweetheart.

Romeo has received smooches…I sneak up on him with them.  He knows I am walking around on Cloud 9 for this unexpected gift, and he wants to celebrate with me. 

Sue States, your eloquent statement speaks volumes.

Hellen, I keep you in my prayers.



Wow. I just love all of you so much!

First, I wanted to say that I got my calendar today and I love it! Corrine, you worked so hard on it and it shows! My girls think Pip is famous now b/c he is in a calendar that came in the mail that we didn’t make. smile

Heather ~ So sorry about your Riley. We love them so much that the pain when they’re gone is almost unbearable. I will be saying extra prayers for you!

Huckle ~ once again, you are cracking me up. First though, so sorry for Georgie’s trachea. Definitely sending up prayers but so glad you had sweet Solsey’s pics to take with you! Now the “dark mass”....hilarious! Find your clothes pins quick.

Sue VDB ~ Saved you for last.. smile  So happy for you! I believe 100% that it is a miracle for 2 reasons, the first being that it is what Huckle said: you do so much for others and the second (and this is amazing to me) I pray to St. Lucy EVERYDAY and I have been for years! She is the patron Saint of Italians and my Nana and Nanu were (are) 100% Sicilian! They were born in Carlentini Sicily in 1899 and 1909. My Dad is 100% Sicilian. I am half b/c my Mom was not Italian. Except by marriage and it fit her perfectly! My Nana prayed to St. Lucy for many things. And quite a few were granted. I have done the same. The most important was a child for my husband and I. We had some problems and even lost a baby early on in the pregnancy. I had been praying but prayed to Saint Lucy and asked for a baby and I prayed that if it was a girl, I would name her Lucia (pronounced Lu-chia) after her. Well folks, my first little girl who is now 5 years old is named Lucy. Officially Lucia Jean. I believe with every part of my being that it was b/c of Saint Lucy. (I even had her song sung at my wedding.) So Sue VDB, that is why I believe that this is a miracle! And for Romeo too! This was way longer than I intended it to be! If anyone is still reading this, thank you. smile 

~Gina smile

sue states


Reading all the wonderful and yes amazing(grace)  of the news shared by you Sue VDB! The power of prayer never ceases to amaze me. Continued prayers for Helen, Georgie and Pip. Corrine what a great web site you have created you have brought together such a great bunch of ‘kindered spirits’! Pug hugs to all from the Colorado 4

LiloNme(aka Gwen)


Bear with me as i am catching up again.  Very busy week this week and last, with my brother moving in.  We got to meet his puppy last weekend, who will be coming to live with us in December. 

So happy to hear the good news Sue. Last week I had a co-worker go to the doctor and was started on drops for glaucoma.  She had taken two doses and driven herself to work.  Two hours into the day she was in my back nursing station and phoning the doctor and in tears.  She couldn’t see. I had to dial the phone for her, walk her to my bosses office and then back to the ward.  Walks we take for granted every day, she suddenly couldn’t do on her own.  Thankfully her eyesight is returning, the only thing the doctor could think was that it was an allergic reaction.  So glad to hear your vision has improved.  Power of prayer is indeed an amazing thing.

Huckle - so sorry to hear the news about Georgie.  Will add you to our prayers for all of our puggy friends.

Gina, glad to hear Pip is doing well.

Love to you all!

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