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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Henry and Luna

This was the sight on Sunday morning. As you can tell, neither Henry nor Luna have big plans for the day.

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aw they are just so sweet lots of hugs to you both.

Minnie and Mack


Who would want to move from that snuggly bed? 

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

mary castagnoli


Makes me remember that song from the 60’s:  Groovin’ On a Sunday Afternoon.
Oh you happy, contented pugs!  You start my day with a smile.



How comfy is that??  Pugs know how to make themselves sooo comfy.  Wish I was there, but I snuggled most of the day with Mr. S…  aahhh perfect way to unwind!



He’s not heavy, he’s my brother says Luna! Wonderful way to spend the day. *yawn* It’s a cloudy day here in Omaha, crawling back in bed would be perfect. smile

Happy Wednesday to you all.

Pug Hugs to all from Bella & me



Gina, excellent analogy. 

This is a great picture.



Looks like a perfectly lovely Sunday to me!

Question for Brenda.  I think I remember that you live near the part of Texas that had the tornadoes yesterday.  How are you?



What better way to spen a sunday Henry and Luna have the right idea



Don’t ya just love it when they use each other as pillows?  I’m not sure about the look on precious Luna’s face.  Maybe her time’s up and she wants Benny to come do his stint.

Sleighbelle and other Texans, hope that horrendous weather did not hurt or damage you or yours.  Hope the DFW pug rescue people and pugs are safe.

crazy pug lady


I do like Gina’s “Groovin’” comparison but Luna could be thinking, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” as she is bearing some of Henry’s weigh.  wink

In any event, they are both adorable and clearly a happy family.

crazy pug lady


Ok, duh, just re-read them all…
ignore me…
it was mary’s “Groovin”” thus, I second Gina’s….
Can I crawl in that bed with them and take a nap?



Huckle, Thank you for asking.  Here in my part of north Tarrant county we are ok.  Folks to the east, not so lucky.  Hundreds of homes and businesses affected, but thankfully, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported.

pug mama



Lilo n Me n Tux


One thing about pugs, Lazy Sunday’s can happen almost any day of the week.  Lilo is the best sleeper, especially when i work nights (Tux isn’t so bad either).  She for sure will sleep all night and all day with me. It must be the bed warmer lol.  I’ll be working nights this weekend, so there will be no bunny chasing in this house, other than the stuffed kind.

Sleighbelle, very glad to hear you and yours are safe and sound.  Pug hugs and prayers to all those affected by the storms from Lilo n Me n Tux

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