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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Letting Loose

The boys are generally well behaved, model pug citizens.  Sometimes, so well behaved that I feel bad, like they never get to have any of that “I know I’m being bad, but this is just too much fun” kind of bad.

So last Saturday morning, after I was finished reading the newspaper the boys were pretty playful so I decided to let them shred the paper.  Shredding paper was one of their favorite things, that I never really let them do while they were pups, so I thought that I would let them go to town ripping the paper to bits.  At first the boys were reluctant to get started, but after I started ripping some pages myself they got into the act and had a good time running around the house with bits of paper flying everywhere.

We all had a blast and the paper wasn’t too hard to get cleaned up.  I know, shredding paper isn’t really that “bad”, but the boys were having some of that mischievous fun and that’s all that really matters.


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I’ll agree that the shredding of a newspaper isn’t as bad as peeing on the couch for instance, but it’s close enough for some not-quite-innocent fun, to be sure.  Maybe, after so many years of being “good” around paper, it’s not a dangerous thing to do, but our guys still like to shred and EAT papers:  the days mail included, if we forget to close the door to the foyer where the mail drops onto the floor. lol

It shows just HOW well behaved your guys are that they can have that one-time play with you without falling backward into old habits.  I’m afraid our guys aren’t that well trained, although they are ‘pretty good”.

I can picture the scene and wish you had gotten a video of that one. lol

Thanks for this flashback which is new to so many of us. grin



It’s good to be bad sometimes!



Henry looks a little reluctant, but Benny has gotten in the full act of this adventure.  How fun that must have been for them!



Oh Carla, Sleighbelle STILL loves a little “fiber” in her diet.  She doesn’t bother the paper or magazines too much, but the tissues and toilet paper are another thing!  Unless I have company, the toilet paper is NEVER on the roll, she goes in there and paws at it till there is a huge puddle on the floor and then she shreds and EATS it!  I swear, I can put the paper on the roll after months of it not being there and by george, she finds it.  I think she does a “pug-by” every day in the bathrooms, just in case she can get her daily dose of fiber!



Christina, our guys don’t go after the TP in either of the spots we keep it, but if the empty tube is laying on the shelf, Rascal’s gonna get it.  And if there’s a box of tissue within reach, he’s gonna grab it.

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