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Friday, December 28, 2012

Luna & Henry

Henry & Luna

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Looks like Henry and Luna are just chillin out



“Whatcha doin’ over there, Mom??  Are you opening one of our treats??”

Merry Christmas to all , hope you all had a wonderful christmas and are enjoying the holiday season.  I am just tuning in, getting caught up on things! We had a wonderful christmas, Santa Paws left some goodies for Mr. Skittles smile
Happy birthday to Baxter… how awesome to be celebrating a wonderful milestone!
Enjoy the rest of the week, hard to believe we are in the final days of 2012, I wish everyone an awesome 2013!!!



Hank, you are looking mighty handsome in your camo!  Luna, you look luxurious when you sit in those chairs. I have similar shaped chairs, but in leopard print, and always live when Mr. Cole sits in them all regal looking *giggle*

Pat, thanks so much for the birthday wishes!  Thanks, too, to everyone else from the other post. I tried commenting again that day to say thank you, but it wouldn’t go through.

I’m pleased to put 2012 to bed as it wasn’t the best year (although am, of course grateful for the blessings that existed). Definitely looking forward to an improved 2013!

Happiest of New Years to all!!!



Heather ~  I am with you… glad to put 2012 to bed as well… I got laid of fin June and am having a difficult time finding full time work.. that being said,  the time off I have enjoyed to the fullest, I learned to ride my daughters horse and I really enjoy being at the barn smile  then I took a bus trip to NYC in November.. it was awesome!!!
I wish you all the very best in 2013, and if it was a bummer of a year, may it definately be better!!  smile
Pug hugs and snorts, from us in NS Canada xo

Such happy faces.  Love the pug colored upholstery as well!
Happy New Year!

Drools and licks,

Sue VDB and Annie Fannie


Christmas is over?  Does that mean no more prezzies?



aww my sweet angels love you.



my sweethearts.Been having issues here it keeps saying i’m not authorised when i try to make comments and the webmaster address comes back invalid what is happening.

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