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Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Bone


Santa hit the jackpot this year and brought Henry a new bone that he not only loves, but he isn't able to finish in just a few short minutes. As Henry has gotten older, he prefers bones that are easier to chew. The problem with them is that he is able to devour them in just a few short minutes and then he is quickly looking for more. This bone, is soft enough that Henry enjoys chewing it, but it last for a few hours.

Henry likes it so much, that we went back to the store and got him a few more to have on hand incase he gets the urge to chew.


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sue wooding


Henry has a pretty good supply of them looks like he is really enjoying them

Sue VDB and Annie Fannie


Henry is certainly going to town on this bone.  Chew-A-Bulls?  Is this what I think it is? As long as Henry is content, and he certainly looks it, that is the all important thing.



Enjoy your new chewy toy, Henry!!
Happy weekend everyone!

Christie Sachde


I love it when they get their chew on:)



I used to do that with Ozzie. When he liked a bone,then BACK TO THE STORE FOR MORE!

brenda cooper


Henry does look satisfied chewing on that bone. He is so photogenic !!!!!

Sue States


Henry is certainly enjoying his chewy.Thank you for sharing, Daisey being a senior loves to chew but the bones I have gotten are just too hard for her-will look for these bones for sure. Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 2



From the picture, it’s clear that you’ve found the PERFECT chew bone!  Lucky boy!

pug mama - Jen C


You’re letting your secret out of the bag Henry!  Now dogs everywhere will be scooping up Chew-A-Bulls and hoarding them!  Lily likes bully sticks, are they similar?

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