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Friday, September 4, 2009

Not Good


Yesterday, Benjamin, Henry & Sol all went to the vet and it was a whirlwind of a day. I wish I had good news to share about Sol's visit, but sadly I do not.

Sol went in because she was limping around pretty badly the last few days. We figured it was her arthritis but it seemed to be bothering her more than usual. So since we were already going in with the boys we figured it would be best to bring Sol along and have her looked at as well. The vet confirmed that her arthritis was the cause of the limp and as we were talking he checked on the small mammary tumors that were discovered when Sol had had the tumor removed from her mouth.

The vet is very diligent about checking on them each time we bring Sol in to make sure they have not grown and as he was doing his normal examination, I saw a wave of concern come over his face. Of course my heart sank and I knew he was not going to have good news to share.

He said that the consistency of the tiny tumors had changed and they felt more "rope-like" which was a sign they were beginning to spread. In addition to that, they were also now leaking!

Having heard the news, my first question is what do we do? The tumors were discovered months ago, but everyone advised me not to do anything as there was no indication they were cancerous or harmful to her at the time. Everyone, always said, "Keep an eye on them and monitor them for any changes." Well, here we were and changes were happening, so now what?

So the vet talked to me for a bit explaining that the changes he found do not necessarily mean the tumors are malignant. We won't know if they are cancerous until they are sent to be biopsied, but since they have grown, their consistency has changed & they were now leaking they should be removed.

The big BUT however was that they would need to do a chest X-Ray to make sure Sol's lungs were clear or else she would not be a candidate for the surgery. The vet explained to me that malignant mammary tumors most often metastasize in the lungs. So if they had reached Sol's lungs we would essentially be too late.

So he recommended that we bring Sol in on Tuesday to get a chest X-Ray. At that point, having a pretty good relationship with my vet, I told him that he was going to have to get Sol in for an X-Ray sooner than Tuesday because there was no way I was going to spend the next 5 days agonizing over whether or not Sol was a candidate for surgery. So he suggested Friday and, in my ever so charming way, I suggested today. He said 4pm and I said how about now. Knowing me, he took Sol back right then and did the needed chest X-Ray.

Sol was very cooperative and they had her back out to me in no time at all. At that point, we just needed to wait for the results of the X-Rays to be read. We had to wait maybe 20 minutes and during that time so many thoughts were swirling around in my head. But the overwhelming feeling was that if we were too late, then I let something I knew about get too far out of hand. I missed the signs, the changes, the everything I was supposed to keep an eye on. I replayed the last few months in my head and I remembered that Sol was in a few months ago for her upset tummy and at that time the tumors were holding steady. So, the changes that did occur have happened in the last few months and have been fairly quick.

Finally, the vet came back into the exam room and put the X-Rays on the viewer and as soon as he did, I could tell that her lungs were clear. I looked at him and he confirmed that her lungs were infact clear. A little bit of relief hit me like a ton of bricks.

So, Sol is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, Sept 9. The surgery can be done at our regular vet's office and while the surgery itself is not extremely complicated, Sol will be pretty sore afterward.

Basically, she is going to have all the mammary glands removed from her left side, so she will have an incision that runs the whole length of her body on her belly. The incision is not deep, it doesn't even go below the muscle, but it will still be quite painful.

Once removed, the tumors will be sent for testing. At this point, Sol does not have any mammary tumors on her right side, but I asked if we should have those removed as well. I was advised that it wasn't necessary and even if the mammary glands needed to be removed on the right side they would not remove both in one surgery because it would be too painful.

As I have been processing all this, I think we got the best possible news we could in a bad situation. I don't want Sol to have to have another surgery, I don't want to have her be sore after the surgery, I don't want her to have had cancer in two different parts of her body, but the silver lining is that there is still something we can do. We are not helpless in this situation.

Wednesday will come and Sol will have her surgery and hopefully in a few months we will look back and marvel at her recovery just like we do with the surgery that left her with only half a jaw.

Sol is a constant reminder to me to live in the now and appreciate everyone and everything that you love while you can. And yesterday, she hammered home that message even more.

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Sweet Sol!  Our thoughts and prayers and puggy snuggles are with you and your family as you deal with this new hurdle.  You are in good hands, not only with a terrific vet, but your family loves you so much.  Love that strong is a powerful force and will keep you safe and happy. 

Tell your mommy she is the best mommy ever.  Her loving care and fierce love for all of you is a beautiful and wonderful thing and she needs to stop blaming herself for this.  Instead, she should look back at the pictures of when you first came to live with her and the pictures now.  She will see how much you have blossomed under her loving care.

Snuggles and snorts and lots of puggy kisses to all of you.

Hugs, PugsandKneedles

Laura Lyall


I am so happy her lungs are clear.  I think I held my breath the entire time I read this post. Now I can breath a little better. God Bless.



My thoughts and prayers are with you, Sol, you lovely old dear!  I know you will be fine and happy soon!

Penny and “THE PUGS”, Genevieve, Beauregard, and Boston



Kimberly said it all better than I ever could.  I’ve got a healthy (knock on wood) 14 year old pug and I know that every day is a gift with him, but that gift will be gone one day.

You’re all in my thoughts and prayers.



Oh my, I too was holding my breath the whole time after my stomach dropped when I saw the title pop up…

Kimberly spoke the truth so well.

My lovely Miss Sol, you are a fighter and a surviver and I know with all of my heart you will tackle this challenge with grace and courage.  I will be praying non-stop for a successful surgery, a recovery that is as painless as possible, and a glowing ending to this scary time.

I wish I could be there to cuddle you and whisper in your little silky ear how much you mean to all of us.  Love you Sol…Stay strong Corrine…Sol couldn’t have a better momma on her side.

With love, Heather, Bax, and Ri…



THis post made me want to throw up with anxiety for you and Sol until I read that her lungs were clear.  She is such a grand old lady and I love to read about her.  I hate to play favorites, but I have to say she tugs my heart strings the most!

She is lucky to have such a caring family and please know thta we are all with you in spririt as you love your pug through this hard time!



God bless little Sol, the boys and I will be praying for a swift and painless recovery, and that all will be well with your sweet little girl.

mary castagnoli


I was just telling Sol’s brave and wonderful story to a friend who works at our local Animal Shelter - how, once she came to live with you and Luna and the Boys, it seemed she had started a 2nd life or a Brand New Chapter at any rate.  I still think that is so:  This is Sollie’s time to shine, to snurf up all the Good Stuff!  So I’m sending nothing but Good Stuff, lots of loving prayers for ALL of you, and will keep little Sol in my heart.  I hope this long weekend is filled with laughter and joy - no worries.  You have an amazing home.  It should be filled with happiness knowing all the joy you share with all of your furr-babies.



Sol is lucky she happened upon a so deeply caring family as you.  Her life if way better because of you.  I will pray for the best for you guys.



Corrine -
My family is praying for you and Sol and the rest of your wonderful family.
Sol is a strong girl, and I know that you always do your best and that you are one of the best pug mommies I have had the opportunity to come across.
We all love Sol, so you can imagine the power of prayer that will come across for all of you.
The best part is, something CAN be done. And yes, she will be in pain, but she WILL overcome, and we will all be around you sending out our love and support.
Keep us posted and remember that we are all here!

sue s


Sweet precious Sol, We are praying for you sweetie here in COlorado! Corrine, you are a great pug-mom and SOl was given to you as a special angel to care for! We pray her discomfort will be limited and her recovery swift! We will be on pins and needles,too, waiting for Sol’s recovery and prognosis! Peace from the Colorado 3-Sue,Beauty and Daisey



...pass the box of kleenex,please…
it was hard to read, my eyes filled up too fast.
I don’t think I could have waited until tuesday for the x-rays either.  Sol, sweeuie, you and your family are in our prayers and thoughts.  We hope all goes well with your surgery.
Pat & Mr. Skittles



Oh Miss Precious Sol!  Kimberly did say it the best!  And I too was holding my breath the whole time I was reading and holding back tears.

Corrine, you are the best mom!  Don’t ever doubt or blame yourself.  I’m so glad you insisted on the x-rays that day and so glad her lungs are clear!  Wednesday will come, she will have her surgery, and then she will continue to amaze all of us with her quick recovery.

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with you!  Stay strong.  Pug hugs and kisses from me, Annablle, Piper, Tessa Grace, and Marley.



Oh your poor Granny Grunts:( 

Sol will be in my thoughts (she is most of the time anyway LOL).  I hope that everything works out for the best.



I am very happy to hear that Sol’s lungs were clear and she can have the surgery. I so enjoy the blog on your pugs. My two pug boys are rescues and I share your concern and love of the breed. Pugs rule. chow,cjs

Oh Sol… poor thing. I wish more than anything that I could hug her and give her kisses and pet her (I’m sure you’ve got it covered… I’m just being selfish! LOL)

We LOVE you Sol!!!!!! You will do GREAT in your surgery!



You are the best pug mom in the world!  Thinking of you and little Sol. 

Pug hugs from Canada,
Gillian & (another) Henry the pug



ah poo!  When I saw the title of this post, I also knew we were in for some bad news.  But, with God all things are possible.  And He has not brought Sol so far, only to let it end now.  No, God is a good and generous God and He knows how much Sol needs you and how much you need her!!  I will be praying for the sweet old lady and for her human family.  Give her extra kisses and hugs and maybe an extra treat or two.



You all will be in my thoughts and prayers, most especially little Miss Sol.  She is a precious little creature and I hope and pray for nothing but the best.  She’s a tough little gal.  Give her lots of hugs and kisses for me!  And lots of hugs and kisses from my little Molly Mae too!



Ijust wanted to let you know I will be thinking of you and sol and praying everything goes ok with the surgery she is such a sweet pug and reminds me so much of my sweet Daphne who I lost to cancer at the age of ten



Bless you little lady, Sol.  You give mommy extra snuggle time this week, she loves you so much and takes such wonderful care of you.  Praying for you and having faith that all will go well and our little ray of sunshine will be recovering in no time.

Patty B.


I can’t say it better than everyone else has.  Please just know that I have shown your blog to all who have passed by my computer and I wanted to let you know that everyone here in Southern California is praying for little Sol to come through like the trooper she has already proven to be.  Especially big prayers and good thoughts are coming to you, Corrine, precious Sol, and your entire family from me, Marshall, Rocky, Adrian and Gulliver. We love you all from afar and only want the best for you.



Dear Sol,

God bless your sweet little heart!  You’ve been such a strong pug, that I know you can keep being one! 

Dear Corrine,

You’re the best pug mommie in the world!  I was holding my breath as I quickly read to the results of the x-ray.  Thank goodness her lungs are clear.  You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Martha and Bennie

p.s.  What do you think of letting Sol’s “special aunts and uncles” help out by contributions to her care?  I want to.



Corrine, I am glad you were so persistant in getting the x-ray of our little Sol.  That is one less thing you have to worry about. I can’t imagine the worry and anxiety you would have to endure to wait until Wednesday.

Sweet Sol is a fighter, and the thought of her having to endure this pain makes me sick, but with her very loving family and the pain meds, we all pray she will come through this with flying colors.

Since we can’t actually give her hugs and kisses you will have to do that for all of us as we all dearly love Sol.

I will light a candle at Mass this Sunday for sweet Sol.



Oh!!! I have to admit, this post made me cry. I think we’ve all become quite attached to Sol, even through the internet, via your tales of her and these adorable photos. Her personality is just…so charming. Oh! I was VERY happy that it hadn’t spread to her lungs and I’m going to be keeping her really deep in my prayers for the surgery and recovery. You’re in good hands, SOL!!! ***HUGS & KISSIES***



Oh man, I am trying to hold back my tears at my desk, but it’s not working.  Between the comments with so much love and support and thinking of Sol on Wednesday…

We send all of our love and kisses to you and your crew and wish the very very best for things to go well on Wednesday.  You are the best pug momma Corrine - don’t ever doubt that.



Way to go Corrine, not letting the x-rays go till later.  It would be easy to call the vet a bad guy for that, but obviously, you trust him.  So maybe the fact that he was ok with waiting those extra days, is just another sign that he’s confident that things will be ok.  So let’s all practice holding our faith that all will be well.  So let’s just be praying for Corrine and hubby to have some peace while waiting for the outcome, and for Sol to have very little pain from the surgery.

We all love the entire OBP family. grin

Have a great 3-day weekend, OBPland.



We know you are doing your very best with Sol and all her health care and life care. We will be sending prayers for a quick recovery for Sol on the 9th. Many pug hugs,

Sequoia and Petunia (the pugs)



Good for you for not letting the vet push the xray back, I don’t think I could have handled 5 days of not knowing either.
Sometimes, things like that change over night and there is nothing you can do to prevent or even notice it until it happens. Hopefully they aren’t cancerous.
My aunt’s west highland terrier had breast cancer and they removed all her mammory ducts down the one side and then they did the other side just incase as soon as the first side healed (she was spayed as soon they could as well, since my aunt had wanted to breed her). Yes it will be a painful surgery but not a complicated one and i bet Sol will bounce back with that puggy stubborness.

She is a sweet girl and I am sending lots of love your way.



I agree with Martha…Auntie Heather doesn’t have much, but I’d like to contribute a little…maybe it could at least buy her a special post-op treat.  Put up that pay pal info Corrine…Let your “extended family” help!

Love you Sol…I am printing a picture of you (although, which one?!?!  I have sooooo many favorites) and putting it on my mantle this evening where I will light a candle next to it each night while praying for your health, happiness, and comfort.

All my love, Heather



Martha, I was thinking the same thing.  We all feel that Sol belongs to all of us.  Corrine, may we help with the expenses again?



OMG - i am sitting here at school reading this (i’m a teacher) and i totally am about to cry. I’ve been reading this blog for such a long time and though i love henry, benny, and luna sol’s story just really captured my heart. On days when my boaz is being onrey she’s probably my favorite pug in the world.

Many good thoughts and wishes to you and Sol.



Just need paypal details to help in a way that I know is going to be needed in addition to the cyber support grin
The reaction on this blog are proof that it doesnt alwyas need a “village” to help…Cyber space can do it too…
Much love.



This morning as I read our post, I had tears in my eyes until I got to the paprt where you said Sol’s lungs were clear. Thank God.
  Know that you and precious Sol will be in my Toby’s and my prayers every day.  Our little pugs are so precious to us. If they only realized what a blessing they are and how much love they give us.

Corrine - OBP


I can not thank everyone enough for their kind words and support.  Sol is one lucky pug to have all of you pulling for her & I am one lucky pug momma!

I will do my best to keep everyone updated.

Thanks again for your support.  I will be giving lots of belly rubs, kisses and treats to Sol from all of you.

Take care,

Darci and Abbey the Pug


What a beautiful little girl you have there.  So wise teaching so many lessons in her old age.  We’ll be praying for you Sol!  Love to all the family!



Poor baby Sol. I’ll be thinking of you guys as she has her surgery. I’m sure she’ll be back up and lounging in no time.



Corrine, Sweetie, don’t you dare think for a minute that you are in any way negligent. You are the best pug Mommy anywhere. Look at how radiant Sol and Luna are now. You and hubby are awesome parents.
I’m so sorry the OBP fam is going through this. Hang on, breathe, breathe. I will light a candle too. Like the rest of your extended OBP family, I’m praying for you guys and sending big hugs. We all love precious little Sol. What a girl!
Kelly, Richard, Lola, Grace & Edward



There is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said here. Thinking of all of you in OBPland. Sol is sooo lucky to have landed in the very best family! You are a wonderful puggie mom, don’t second guess yourself or blame yourself for even a moment.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Sol. Sadie sends lots of puggie kisses!



Sol, we are all pulling for you!!! Wishes for a speedy recovery, you sweet old girl!!



Having been away from my computer and blogging I have missed Sol’s troubles.  I’m so sorry for the sweet little thing, but continue to marvel at how EXTREMELY BLESSED she was to find you!  I may have mentioned to you before that we had a cat that had mammary tumors.  They showed up later in life and she had them removed.  The incision was amazingly LONG and we felt very bad about it, but she seemed not to be bothered at all.  She had them out at 7 and lived to be 18!  You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers…..



Sending healing thoughts Sol’s way and keeping you in my thoughts. She is very blessed to have such great people looking out for her.

Karen B


I have been away on an extended 4-day weekend.  I got back to work today and realized how much I’d missed!

My heart aches for Miss Solly to have to go
through this surgery!  I will be thinking only good, happy thoughts for you all!

Hugs, kisses, thoughts and prayers from C.J. and Toeby too!



I know the big day is tomorrow and I’m sure Solsey is getting plenty of loving from you two.  While we will not be physically present, know that you are surrouned by love, prayers and thoughts that Solsey comes through with flying colors and that the news is the very best, and hold onto that while you are waiting.  Hugs Sue and Romeo



Pug people are absolutely the BEST!  I love what everyone has expressed to you and only want to add that I will be praying for sweet little Sol and her family.  She is a very lucky pug baby to come to a family like yours.  May God bless and keep you all…Vicki, Amos & Andi (my 2 precious black pugs)  Guess you could say I’m rather partial to black pugs….You go Sol!!!

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