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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Off to the Races

This was a game we frequently played when Benjamin & Henry were puppies. The whole purpose of the game was to trick Benjamin & Henry into practicing their Sit, Stay & Come commands, but to do it in a fun way that allowed them to work off their puppy energy.

Benjamin & Henry Race

First the sit & stay while I move away.

Benjamin & Henry Race

Then the come command.

Benjamin & Henry Race

Looks like Benny was a little bit quicker out of the gates.

Benjamin & Henry Race

Almost up to full speed.

Benjamin & Henry Race

Still truckin'.

Benjamin & Henry Race

About halfway there and Benny has taken the lead.

Benjamin & Henry Race

Benny coming into the home stretch, completely blocking Henry from the frame.

Benjamin & Henry Race

Benny finishing strong. You can see his wrinkly skin flapping in the wind and his eyes are fixed on the prize - the treat.

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Hooray!  Nice photo series.  Does one pug win more often?  Is there just one treat, or treats for all?  If I had to bet, I’d have lost my money on Henry.  I’d have picked him just because my pug is a dark-faced Henry too.  I’m not much better with horses, so it’s good that I don’t bet much.



This is so fun.  Those boys are always up for some fun…especially if the fun ends in a treat and a “good boy”!



Both Henry and Benjamin look so focused on their goal, but Benjamin must really want that treat as is evident in the last two pictures.  Your pugs have so much fun and you are full of energy with them. I envy all of you.



Oh Baby Benny, I could just eat up your wrinkly handsomeness!  Love the tongue in that one pic…Handsome Henry, sorry you didn’t win that time, but I’m sure you still got a prize too.  Second place is still a winner in my book!



Benny and Henry are way too cute!  The boys sure are focused on the prize and I too love the picture where Benny is licking his lips…as if he can already taste the treat!  Great pictures smile

Karen B


I know both got treats cuz they did what they were supposed to do!  Great post!



They are so cute!
Love Benny’s face…. ohh treats!



That’s HILARIOUS!!! I love the photo of Benny…skin folds flopping in the wind! What sort of treat are you usng?

Darci and Abbey the Pug


Did Sol and Luna go for a swim last night too?  Do you have any pictures of the girls swimming!?!?



Treats…  Treats… I want treats!!

Corrine - OBP


Julie - Treats are given to all participants grin  Benjamin pretty much wins every race.  He is technically the third fastest pug, Luna is a few steps quicker than him and Henry is just a smidge quicker than him, however, neither of them have the endurance that Benny has.  He can run at full speed for hours.

Nevis - In this instance we are using just regular dog biscuits.  But we give them all different kinds of treats- baby carrots, cheerios, kibble, etc.



What is the trick to training them together?  I’m trying to figure out how to do it with my newbies.  BTW, I loved this sequence of pictures.  So much fun.

Pug Hugs,
Huckle & The Black Swamp3

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