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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paw Park

Paw Park in Sanford, FL

Luna’s eye doctor is about an hour away from home so rather than just making the drive to go to the vet we decided to stop at a dog park in Sanford that was on the way.  Luna’s appointment was for 10:45 am so we figured it would be best to stop at the park on the way there to beat the heat.  We got up extra early and managed to get to the park at a little after 9:00 am which gave the pugs plenty of time to play.

A few years back Dog Fancy magazine featured Paw Park in an issue that named the best dog parks in the nation, so I was very excited to check out the park and see what it was all about.  The park was very open and in the middle of the park was a huge tree that had fallen during hurricane Charlie.  They decided to leave the tree to give the dogs something to climb on, which I thought was pretty cool.  The pugs were immediately interested in checking out the tree.

Benjamin & Henry inspecting the tree

And it wasn’t long before Benny was climbing all over it.

Benjamin climbing on the tree

After they investigated the tree, the pugs made their rounds and introduced themselves to the other dogs at the park.

Benjamin saying hello

The park has a time out area for dogs that get overly excited and I just couldn’t resist taking this photo.

Benjamin, Henry & Luna in time out

My favorite thing about the park was that there was a sidewalk that went around the perimeter of the park.  We walked along the sidewalk and the pugs happily followed along.  It was like being on a walk in a regular park only not having to use any leashes.

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Ha…the three little jailbirds…too cute.  What a wonderful place!  I wish there was somthing like that around here…Looks like a wonderful day!  What a nice treat for Luna before her appointment!



Somebody bake us some pumpkin bread with a knife in it and we will cut our way out of this jail.  We are too cute and too social to be stuck in here!!!



What happy, lucky little Pugs.  They have the best Mom to look after them and treat them to all the good things in life.



What a great dog park!  I am jealous, looks like fun.




Oh that is so cool! smile



This week on Pugami Vice, our three undercover pugtectives find themselves trapped, or so it would seem!  It could be part of the plan….  stay tuned

What a neat park!  I like the time out area haha



I’ve never taken Sleighbelle to an off-leash dog park.  My concern is that she will go off and not come when I call her.  She is a bit stubburn when she is doing something and she doesn’t want to stop. 

Would anyone like to share their experiences and/or hints?  She gets along great with other dogs, so that is not a concern.

Thanks for any info you can share.



What a beautiful park! I really wish we had something like that here for the puggies!



AWESOME!!! I wanna go!!!
I absolutely LOVE the pixs.! and the pugami vice stories!!!



Christina - most off leash dog parks I have gone too have been fenced in, that way you can corner the lil beasts smile

Also one thing I was showed when Gus was in puppy school was the clicker. They are about a dollar to buy.

To start, click it and give your dog a treat. do it a few times so they know that the click means treat. I use it at the ball fields since there is no fence and Gus doesn’t always come. It just means I need to keep a pocket full of treats. smile
I know you can fully train your dog to do other things with the clicker.. but the first few steps work for me!



Wow! As long as I lived in central Florida (32 years), and still having family in Sanford, I never knew this park was there!

p.s. I found you through BlogHer!

Corrine - OBP


WillThink4Wine - Aren’t things funny like that.  We have only been in Central Florida for about 3 years and I remembered reading about it in Dog Fancy (I think it was before we even lived here).  Too cool that you found us through BlogHer!



oh!, im
so glad that luna got to go to the paw park before going to othamologist or whatever it is for a dog

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