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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas


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Benny, did you really get another pet bed or were you the present?

Anyone else having shedding problems?  Abby is shedding very little, Gracie a bit more, but Georgie is in line for becoming a ‘bare naked pug’.  I could make another pug from the fur he is leaking.

Because it’s hard for Georgie to climb up the doggy stairs to my chair, I’m so thrilled when he masters it.  For Gracie, it’s just a hop.  Abby has no problem either and is usually already on my lap when the other two decide they want up.  With Abby there, space on my lap is limited and she is not inclined to scoot over for them.  The other night, Abby was in position and Georgie wanted up.  I helped him up and Gracie decided she wanted to be there as well so gave a hop, and in a hop she was.  There was no room left for her ever-growing body, so she lay down on top of Georgie and went to sleep.  Today, Gracie and Abby were on my lap when Georgie wanted to be there as well.  I lifted him up, he sized up his options and did a Gracie thing…he perched atop Gracie and went to sleep.  Gracie was not amused.



Baby Benny, I’d like you under my tree!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Today we are celebrating Baxter’s 15th birthday!!  He’s been with me since he was 8 weeks old and could fit in the palm of my hand. My heart and soul, this boy!

Huckle, sounds like your lap is the place to be!  Nothing better than a pug pile!!



Benny looks tuckered out must be to much treats
Happy birthday Baxter my Baxters birthday was christmas day he is a white boxer who thinks he is a pug he turned nine



Benny looks like he had a busy Christmas eating and getting lots of presents! He looks
so cute and comfy!

Huckle——- the only time Meiling sheds is when I am wearing my favorite black slacks!

Happy Birthday Baxter!  Meiling turns 13 next week! I love to hear about “senior pugs”!

sue states


Benny loos lie he’s ready FOR THAT LONG WINTER’S NAP! Wow Hucle, and I thought I had a lap full of love w/Daisey & Solsie! Happy B’day Baxter! Got my white Christmas and will probably have a white new Years,too. Wishing you all a blessed New Year!!Pug hugs from pastor sue & the “baby it’s COLD outside” colorado 2

Sue VDB and Annie Fannie


Sure was a great Christmas, but I need as nap.

Robin Anne Erbland


I really love this pug.  He is so beautiful and soft and warm looking.

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