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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Pug fun supersized

Whenever the paper towel roll runs out the boys and I always have a little bit of fun playing with cardboard tube that is left.  They fetch it, play tug with it, tear it up and turn their heads from side to side as I utter weird things through the tube.  So imagine my surprise when the blinds I ordered for our sliding door arrived in a huge tube over 8 feet long - which to the boys was just a gigantic paper towel roll!

After I unpacked the tube the boys were having a blast barking and running around the tube - no fetching with this one.  They were a bit afraid of the tube and wouldn’t really come too close to it, so I set the tube at an angle and started sliding treats through the tube to the boys on the other side.  Well, once the tube started dispensing treats the boys willing came around and started sticking their heads up the tube searching for more prizes.  Looking through the tube at the boys here is what I could see.

The boys had a great time playing with the tube and finding all of the treats.  Needless to say, when we were finished I had the thrill of hanging the blinds!


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How fun!!! Do you suppose they ever wonder what happened to that big tube and why it hasn’t appeared again with more treats?



This is what I love about pugs:  they make everything fun!!!



I love the last picture.  Their little faces are all wrinkled up, trying to figure out why treats were sliding down the tube and when the next treat would emerge!
I do the same thing with the paper towel and toilet paper rolls…I talk through them and Sleighbelle is a bit wary of them too.  I’ll have to try the treat thing and turn her around!



This definitely made me smile…what pug fun!



My son was visiting from Fla. for the last couple of days and when we went to Petco, he bought a lasar pen to play with his cat.  He tried it out on Biscuit and Rascal and it was so funny.  They couldn’t understand where it kept disappearing to. lol Pugs are so smart lol.

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