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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sky High


I was shuffling around some of the dog beds and while I was reorganizing, I started a little pile of beds. Wouldn't you know it, that as soon as Benny saw the pile, he jumped up and made himself comfortable.

I wonder if I stacked all the beds in the house if they would reach the ceiling wink

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king benny"this is sweet the king upon his throne lol,enjoy sweet boy.



One can never have too many pillows.



aaww King Benny, you certainly are that!!  Love the pile of beds, it sure looks comfy!!  Enjoy your pillow pile!!



Gotta give it to you, Corrine, you do have great taste in dog beds!  LOL LOL I do believe a challenge is in order to accumulate ALL of the dog beds in one place!  Admittance is the first step…LOL

Benjamin looks soooooooo cozy up there!  A definite king on his throne…Kiss to you handsome!

Ann Colby


I presume there is a pea under that bottom dog bed….



Benny sure enjoys the reorganization, and I bet if he had his way, this is the way it would stay. 

Corrine, exactly how many beds do the pugs have that you might even think they could reach the ceiling?  LOL

Jennifer Davis


He’s like the princess and the pea.  I wonder if you hide a dog kibble in his bed if he’d spend the day trying to find it?



Benny looks so cozy on the pile and I noticed all the dog beds are red is that your favorite color Corrine?

Happy belated birthday Corrine hope you had a great day

sue s


LOL!! I was thinking Prince Benny is the new pea prince! Congrats on your new job! Catching up after a few days away-something I rarely get to do unless it’s for work. Will wait patiently by my computer for the daily blog! Pug hugs to all from the Colorado 5



Of course, since I’d loved the Princess and the Pea, naturally I love “Baby Benny, the Prince and the Pea”!

I also love Corrine’s description of this as a “little pile of beds” : )  If there is reincarnation, I would like to come back as one of Corrine’s pugs.

Karen B.


Happy belated birthday, Corrine!

Red is definitely Benny’s color.  Great pic!



He surely does look regal on that pile of red pillows.
So comfy and cozy and like all is well in his kingdom. Happy Belated Birthday, Corinne.

pug mama


Too funny, Mr. Benny!!!  Can you feel the pea?  Are you a true prince?



Ann, I was thinking the same thing.

Heather - well, we knew she was addicted, and you are right - admittance is the first step but I don’t think she sees it as a problem.  LOL I love the picture of Benny so relaxed.  BTW - your beds are very color matching and Benny’s color brings it all out.

Belated birthday wishes to you Corrine.



Happy belated birthday Corinne!!!  We always wish the pugs a happy day, and you deserve wishes as well on your day!!
Hope those precious puggers thought to pamper you on your day!!

Patty B.


Happy Belated Birthday, Corrine!  Sorry I missed your special day.  This past weekend was very busy for me and the Pugs.  We moved to a new home and missed some of your daily blogs.  It’s good to be back!

Lola's Mum


Great photo! And *such* a perfect pug shot. It’s made my day!

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