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Monday, January 16, 2006

The Beach

Henry playing at the beach

Sunday was a gorgeous day and since we haven’t been to the beach in a while we thought it would be a perfect day to take the boys to the beach and let them romp in the sand.  There is just something about the sand that gets Benjamin & Henry fired up and ready to run.  In the picture, Henry is running full steam at Benjamin and putting the moves on so that he can successfully avoid Benjamin who is getting ready to pounce.

By the time we left the boys were sufficiently tired and covered in sand, which for them is a sign of a great time!


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How very funny.  You can tell Henry is having a blast.  Oh how I would love to meet those puggies.



Looks like pug on attack,love it when they do those things.



That must be cool to let the pugs sun free in the sand. We are stuck in an icebox.

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