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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Boys

Benjamin and Henry

These two little pugs are coming up on their 10th birthdays soon. By my rough estimation they have spent about 3,520 days together so far. It shows. Benjamin and Henry are as thick as thieves. They can pretty much finish each others thoughts by now.

I love to look back at their puppy pictures, like the one from last week's post, and see what they have become. They have changed a lot over the years, but one thing has always remained the same - it has always been Benny & Henry. They have always been the boys.

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Minnie and Mack


They are so sweet together~ 

Minnie and Mack don’t EVER sleep like that.

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack



aw so sweet my two have gotten closer as well it is so nice to see,hugs to them both.



How precious!



What an awesome picture of brotherly love.

mary castagnoli


The Brothers “Pug”.  And what a 2-some they are.  And such young-looking bucks as well.  They certainly are fit and fine for going on 10 - probably all that commaraderie that keeps ‘em young and up to snuff!  Sweet, sweet picture and, as usual, Corrine, your words hit my heart.



what a beautiful picture of the boys its funny my pugs have never formed a bond with each other but love to sleep next to each other three of my pugs grew up together all the same age Emma Zeke and Toby butnot really close now my two boxers there is such a bond Jasper my brindle boxer gets upset if Baxter the white boxer is out of his sight when Baxter goes to the groomers Jasper will pace back and forth till Baxter comes home



This is such a wonderful picture. It warms my heart! Sweet sweet pugs.

Pug hugs to all from Bella & me



If ever there was a time for this saying it would be now…...“I’ve got your back!”



What a sweet, sweet picture of the boys.  Really makes me smile!



Da boys are da bomb!



They look so adorable together!  It’s amazing how time flies…weren’t they just babies?

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