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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Cat’s Shadow

Benjmain in the cat's basket

All the four legged creatures in the house have their favorite napping spots.  Occasionally, one of them will switch things up, but for the most part each one of them sticks to their tried and tested napping spot.

The cat’s favorite place to sleep is in a wicker basket on my desk.  She loves that basket and has even started sleeping in it when I am not in my office, which is extremely rare for her because she always likes to be in the same room as someone in the house.

The other day, Benjamin was sitting in my lap while I was working at my desk.  The cat was prowling around the house and her desktop basket was vacant.  In the blink of an eye, Benjamin leaped from my lap onto my desk and into the cat’s basket.  In a matter of seconds he settled and was ready to take a nap while I typed away at my desk.  The first thing I did was look for the cat.  If she saw Benjamin in her basket she would have a fit.  She couldn’t stand to have pug fur in her basket!  As luck would have it, I had another wicker basket.  I quickly grabbed it out of the closest and sat it on my desk next to the cat’s basket.  With a little coaxing, Benjamin made himself comfortable in his very own basket and while the cat wasn’t looking I brushed all of the dog germs out of her basket.  So now I have two wicker baskets on my desk.  Needless to say things sure are getting a little cramped.

I’m not really sure why, but Benjamin really likes to emulate whatever the cat does.  It is really sweet, but it drives the cat nuts.  She isn’t really interested in having a pug follow her around all day and nap in favorite sleeping spots.

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Nicole Davis


Aww! But who wouldn’t love Benny? I don’t even know him, but I do love him (Who wouldn’t!).But, cats will be cats, no matter how sweet they are. SHADOWS ARE ANNOYING UNLESS IT’S THERE OWN!! But that’s why people love them!

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