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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Infamous Basket

Benjamin sleeping in the basket

A while back, I wrote about how Benny started sleeping the cat’s favorite basket.  To help accommodate both of them, I added a second basket to my desk so there would be one for each of them.  That sounds like it would be an ideal solution, but each of them only likes the one basket.  Now these baskets are practically identical, but they each prefer the older basket and neither one of them will have anything to do with the newer basket.  So like any good siblings, Benjamin and Cupid the cat are forced to share the same basket.

Cupid, the cat, in the basket

The other day, when neither Benjamin nor the cat were around, Henry decided to test out the basket and see what all the fuss is about.

Henry in the basket

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Cupid seems a little miffed about the whole thing.  Benny looks adorable in the basket as does Cupid but Henry looks ridicules.  From the photo he just looks way too big for that basket.  I think he’s only doing it to annoy the others.

Lucy's Mama


Good for U Henry! Don’t let anyone even look at your basket!

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