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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Transisition


We don't have official confirmation from our eye vet yet, but I think it is pretty safe to say that Henry's cataract has taken almost all of his vision. I'd venture to say that it has taken all, but he might be able to see a bit of light.

The last few weeks have been difficult as Henry has adjusted to not being able to see. But, one thing I must say is he is learning so fast. Each day he seems to adapt by leaps and bounds.

He is learning his way around the house very well. We have closed the doors to a few rooms because there is nothing that Henry needs in those rooms. And the smaller we can make the house for him the better. Plus, its one less place he can get "lost" in. The kitchen seems to be his home base. Sometimes, when Henry gets really confused and can't seem to find his way, we carry him to the kitchen as a reset. From the kitchen he seems to know where everything else is. Leave it to a pug to set the kitchen as their home base!

Sometimes, I think that we are taking things harder than Henry. He'll bump into the wall or patiently stand in front of the window to get into the house thinking he is by the front door and it can be just heart breaking. But, Henry doesn't seem to care at all. He wants to keep going and if that means bumping into things or waiting for windows to open, he's just fine with it. I think we have a thing or two to learn from him.

We are working on ways to simplify things to make it as easy as possible for him to get around. Sticking to a routine seems to help a lot. We'll keep you updated!

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Minnie, Mack and Mario


He seems to be resilient!  Pugs are amazing.  Our Mack is in the same boat.  He will just stand and stare if he is lost.  But usually he is just “looking” for a human.  He just wants to be close by.  Amazing how they can find their food bowls on the run….he had no problems when we were in the hotel for 2 weeks prior to our moving into our new house in Sanford.  I think not having stairs really was helpful and of course, he wasn’t found of stairs anyway.
Lots of puggie hugs for Henry!

sue wooding


That is a good idea to bring him back to the kitchen for a reset I think they do adapt much better then their pug parents its harder on us then them we love you Henry

Sue VDB and Annie Fannie


I have personally witnessed a dog going blind and adjusting to new life without sight.  He quickly used his other senses. He did not have any of the perks Henry has.  He just found his own way with minimal human help.  I was not able to help except to offer suggestions.  In spite of that he is a happy little dog, and it amazes me to watch him move around as if he can see everything.  Once in a great while he bumps into things, backs up as if he is mentally evaluating and takes off. 

Sweet Henry, with all the love he has, will be fine and you will be amazed at his mobility.



Wowzers Henry!  You continue to amaze me everyday!
You take it all in stride , it seems, while us humans struggle to comprehend what you must be going thru.
Henry Strong!! All Day Long!!  xoxo



He’s an amazing boy! And so inspiring.  Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

Melissa & Bosco


My heart breaks for Henry 💔...but he has done so awesome!!  If anyone can overcome he can!

brenda cooper


I am sorry to hear this news. Sweet Henry sounds like he is adjusting very well. My Genevieve has cataracts in both eyes. The vet said she thought she could probably see about a foot in front of her. The only time she has a problem is at the porch steps. She will stop and look, sometimes just stand there before she goes down and sometimes we have to carry her. I want her to enjoy life as long as she can. She can still be a little pistol. Love and prayers coming to Henry and his family.



This is heartbreaking to me.  I know that Henry has adapted and will continue to do so.  I agree that it probably is harder on the parents.  My Sleighbelle went deaf and was losing her sight when she passed, but she too was tough and did not seem to be too upset by the turn of events (even though it made me cry).
Y’all are great parents and Henry knows that he is surrounded by love.  That makes all the difference in the world.

Christie Sachde


Even if Henry’s eyes are now failing him he can still feel the love:)

Joyce Joy


Henry is simply amazing…but, aren’t all pugs?  Keep it up Henry, you Rock.



God Bless Henry, and his calm way of getting on with his life!
I am so moved by him.  He is absolutely a wonderful boy!!

I can easily believe it that you are taking things harder than he is.  And from the comments of experienced readers, it seems that our dogs can be much tougher than we are.  You’re doing a fantastic job of helping Henry cope and as always, providing a strong base of love for him.

Pug love to everyone!



I didn’t quite know what to say other than the usual and then I read Christie’s S. comment - -That says it plus “Henry Strong” - - yet another quote.  Thanks for being so upbeat in keeping everyone up-to-date.  We feel so badly because we project the ‘problem’ on ourselves and yet the pug takes it all in stride as do most blind/going blind animals.  Farm or pet.  Keep on keeping on grin



Oh sweet Henry. I’m so happy to hear you are adjusting well. This can’t be easy to watch for your folks but you have amazed us all with your resiliency. #henrystrong

Sue States


Henry is so tough and weather’s storm after storm-nothing seems to get him down for long-a good example to live by-no matter what comes along in life-Hmm, this would make a good sermon-Thanks Henry! Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 2



This precious boy never ceases to amaze and touch us all. I am sure he will adapt, as dogs usually do, but it’s great you are so thoughtful about it too. Henry is Super Pug!

Lindsay Dean


I’m going through something similar with riley, my 12 year old pug.  He suddenly lost his vision in the last 2 weeks.  They think it’s a neurological problem so I am seeking 2nd opinions and determining course of action (chemo being one potential).  Adjusting to blindness is very sad, I feel the same heartbreak that you feel when he bumps his head, or gets lost.  Some days he wakes up and I think he’s forgotten that he’s blind and is very anxioius, other days he does just fine.  I have read that you can put a drop of perfume by the door, or the outside steps and that can help him find the way in. He certainly surprises me sometimes at how he’s found his way up on the couch, or back to his house to lick the dog bowls smile  It’s an adjustment for sure.

Corrine - OBP


Lindsay-We have read about using smells to help navigate the household, too.  Please be careful what you use, however, as we have read that certain scents such as pine and another one (which I sadly cannot remember at this moment) are not to be used with dogs who have a history of seizures (not that your dog has seizures) but I am merely suggesting to use caution when introducing new products.  (Of course, no one at OBP is a doctor and we always suggest that you consult with your vet for any such actions recommended by laymen friends.)  And of course, very best pug juju to you & yours.



Thanks Corrine, I didn’t even think about that.  I figured food would always work best (like peanut butter or something)...I don’t know a pug that can resist food smile  I’m holding out for him learning without anything, just constant redirection and encouragement.  I really like your idea of taking Henry back to the kitchen if he gets “lost” so he can regroup.  I’m going to try that on my end.

Diane nowotny


When our pug Rocko went blind we found that using a clicker, the kind that is used for training, helped in directing him to where you are.

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