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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Trial

Benjamin,  Luna and Henry

Here in Central Florida there is a bit of a media storm over the Casey Anthony trial. The trial is broadcast during the day on all the major stations and is all over the news in the evening. With all the coverage the case has received in the last 3 years it is hard not to get sucked in. So, needless to say, we have been watching pretty much all of the trial on demand during the evenings after work.

The pugs always curl up on the sofa with us and watch. They got quite vocal during the testimony of one of the K9 officers. The officer gave a play by play of a video of his dog doing a search mission. The pugs got all fired up seeing the German Shepard on the television.

The best part is they humored us and acted like they had not seen that part of the trial before. But, the truth is that the pugs watch the trial twice each day. Grammy, and sometimes even Auntie M, has the trial on while she is pug sitting. The pugs intently watch the case unfold with Grammy and then happily watch it all again with us in the evening. These puggies are really up on their current events.

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There is nothing like a well informed pug x3.  They may watch the TV, but I bet it is mostly the “be with the human” that captures their attention.  This picture is so cute.



My 3 pugs too are all caught up in the trial.  They have a 3 yr old and 5yr old sister and cant understand how someone could do that to a beautiful child.  They give their sisters lots of kisses now!



Beauty and brains!!!  Very impressed with these little cuties, important to stay informed!  LOL Love that they had a few things to say about the German Shepards.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and that all got lots of snuggles with their puggers!



Current events puggies!!  Isn’t it funny that when a dog comes on the TV screen, they bark and go all silly!!  Hope you all had a great weekend!
Sue VDB..hope you & Romeo had a good weekend!



They definitely need to stay up to date with current events. How nice of them to watch it twice.

I’ve gotten sucked into it too. I can’t wrap my brain around it! It’s fascinating to me. ANYWAY!!!

Sue VDB ~ How is Romeo doing? Hope good!

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip!



Good for them for staying up on current events!!

I love the way pugs pay attention to animals on tv!  I’ve never had another dog who did, and I get a kick out of it every single time it happens : )



No one would ever know that Thursday Romeo had seizures.  Even so, I watched every move he made like a hawk.  I was almost suspicious of every move he made, but in reality he did fine.  It’s the mama who was paranoid.



I have to admit that my little household has been watching the Casey Anthony trial, too. It has been too hot here to do much of anything else during the day. Sir Luke is deaf so he just wants to be somewhere close to me. Genevieve and Molly come in and out, but mostly stay in pretty close to their mama. I was watching Sat. and it looked like a rainstorm and a half in Orlando. Wish we could get just a little bit of that. Way too hot here. WAA WAA (I’m whining just like a wimpy Texan does…. it’s too hot or too cold)
Sue, So glad Romeo is doing so well. I know how worried you must have been the last few days.



Brenda, I spoke with a friend in Montgomery, Texas Saturday and the heat is about to do her in.  She said they received about 1-1/2 inches of rain, but because it is so very dry, it didn’t really do much, and the heat and humidity is unbearable. 

I pray you get some much needed relief very soon.



nice to see Benny Henry and Luna are staying up on the latest news even though it does look like Henry is snoozing through it

Sue VDB glad to hear Romeo is back to himself and I would be just like you watching every move



My Sadie LOVES to watch dogs on TV - especially if they bark. That trial has me sucked in as well. Questions?? what really happened and I think if we knew who Caylee’s father was it might make things a bit clearer. Just speculating on my part.



Sue VDB, so so happy Romeo is back to himself!!  I’m the same exact way as you…watchin’ every move, but so happy to hear he is showing you, “Hey mom, I’m as good as new!” grin



Our Pugs are nothing if not resilient…so glad to hear Sue VDB.  Betcha he got a few smooches upon getting home.  Yah!

Wish we could send you our rain, Brenda.  We had so much it was touch and go for the farmers to get into their fields for planting.

Luna and Benny look like they would take the clicky thing away and not interrupt their tv time.  Henry looks like he’s given up with the clicky thing’s interruption - again!

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