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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Toenail, Brushing & Bath Updates

The morning at the beach was grand (pics coming on Monday) but after we got home it was time to get to some necessary grooming.  First up was toenail clipping.  This is by far my least favorite thing to do and it surely isn’t high up on the pug’s favorite things list.  I clip all their nails (front and back paws) and then I file them down using a dremel.  They behave as well as can be expected, but with 3 pugs the whole process just wears on me.  I do need to remember not to do Benjamin’s nails last though.  He is by far the worst so I need to remember to get him out of the way when I am fresh.  Benny has this habit of trying to smack the dremel away from his nails using his free paw.  He likes to live on the wild side.

After I cut their nails, I brushed them all in the backyard.  I like to brush them before I give them a bath, so as to save the drain from a little bit of their fur.  And today they were sandy so the brushing helped to get rid of a lot of that.  All of the pugs loved to be brushed and I really enjoy brushing them.  It is relaxing.  A lot of times when I get off work I will go out and the yard and brush them to unwind a little.  I also let the cat out in the yard and brushed her this afternoon.  She is a shedding machine!

After brushing, came bath time.  Much to his disliking Benny was up first.  He was a good boy in the tub, though.  Benny was followed by Henry and Henry did great.  Little Luna was last and she was by far the dirtiest of the three.  I’m not sure why but she is always twice as dirty as Benjamin & Henry.

After that the pups were pooped and so was I.  Getting everyone’s nails clipped and getting everyone washed up can take a lot out of you.  But, tonight is great because I have three little pugs that all smell like bananas curled up with me on the couch.  Their coats are super soft and they look great.  Too bad it won’t last too long!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Did I tell you? I went and bought your banana shampoo for my puggies, too. It is lovely! Oh and I love how you worded this, “Benny has this habit of trying to smack the dremel away from his nails using his free paw.  He likes to live on the wild side.” <———-That totally cracked me up!



You are so brave (and by brave I mean crazy) to do their nails.  Sleighbelle is so manic, I gladly pay to have her nails done.  It takes one tech to hold her and one to trim the nails.  And she hollers like they are killing her.  I have to remind Sleighbelle that no puggy ever died from a silly little nail trim.  Thanks for the update…



Puggies, when they are clean and freshly shampooed, are like real live Teddy Bears!

Robin Flannery


nails trimmed????  perish the thought of doing them myself.  Frank not only cries like some sort of possessed puggy but he poops, too.

I have to resort to a little drugs about an hour before we go to the Vet.



LOL! Robin - I’m sorry but that is too funny! My guys are fussy about it - but Daddy speaks firmly and I hold on to them for dear life!
So what drugs do you take before you take them to the vet? hahaha - just kiddin’ - I know how manic the pugs can be - my mom’s pugs scream blue bloodied murder….I wonder why they are so bad about it? (any thoughts anyone?)I’ve used the dremmel on myself to see what it feels like and it doesn’t hurt…



Glad to know my guys are normal!  They don’t mind a bath until we get to C.J.‘s ears, then he goes psycho.  Bares his teeth and growls and tries to act all “bad”.  I too, pay to have nails clipped, and gladly, I must say!

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