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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Waking Up is Hard To Do

Henry, Luna and Benjamin

The pugs have a very bad habit of waking up at 5am for breakfast. We don't have to get up for work until 6:15am so in order to get as much sleep as possible, we just feed them at 5am so they will settle back down after they eat and we can get a little bit more sleep. It is an awful routine that we have clearly help continue, but I love sleep and trying to get the pugs back to sleep at 5am is just too much work. I would rather feed them and head off back to bed to get that last precious hour of sleep.

When 6:15am rolls around and the alarm goes off the pugs don't budge. After all they have full bellies and no where to be. But, we have somewhere to be and one of the many things that needs to be done before we leave is the bed needs to be made. So, each morning, we scoop three sound asleep puggies out of bed and put them in the dog bed on top of the ottoman that we keep next to the bed at night. Once the ottoman is loaded with pugs, we wheel it out to the living room. From there, the pugs catch a few more winks until it is time for us to eat breakfast. Then the boys are up and ready for breakfast #2 of the day. They, of course, get a few Cheerios and a bite of banana. Luna, on the other hand, prefers to catch a few more winks of sleep.

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Minnie and Mack


Ahhh, living the life of luxury! 

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack



Too precious for words. Love ya sleepy heads!!!



Oh My Goodness!  Such sleepy heads.  Too cute to see them not so bright eyed.
Thinking of all of you, hope you all have a great day.

Jennifer Moulton (Used to be Davis)


Do you think you’d like to adopt me?  I can move in with little fanfare!  But if you’d feed me two breakfasts and roll me from the bedroom to the living room every morning, I’d be as faithful and true as these 3 cute pugs!

Jennifer Moulton (Used to be Davis)


Corrine, I’m up for adoption! Do you think you’d like to adopt me?  I can move in with 24 hour notice!  But if you’d feed me two breakfasts and roll me from the bedroom to the living room every morning, I’d be as faithful and true as these 3 cute pugs!

mary castagnoli


CORRINE:  LOVED your title . . . LOVED today’s story . . . and LOVED the picture - especially squinty-eyed Henry.  Boom-Boom Benny doesn’t even make a feeble effort to “smile” for this morning photo-op - but La Luna appears totally gracious and camera-ready.  I sympathize with your attempts to gain an extra hour of sleep.  Bella has come to the conclusion that she would rather dine at night when I get home from work as she gets to share a bit of my supper along with her special Science Diet C/D.  But she does feel compelled to get me up around 3 a.m. to go outside to potty.  Doesn’t matter if she has a potty walk just before bed or not.  I think she gets bored sleeping and likes sniffing about her yard when it’s totally quiet outside - no one else stirring - which is a good thing as I stand at the doorway watching her wearing pajamas and major bed head.  We scoot right back to bed and I’m instantly out for another couple of hours sleep before the alarm.  It’s a bad morning when she waits until later - closer to the alarm going off - to summon me off the bed to let her out.  Not enough time to go back to sleep - just lay and wait for the alarm to ring.  Thankfully, she’s pretty regular about her early morning nature break.
Looking at your gang’s picture once again is making me squint along with Henry.  Better refill my ooffee and get rolling with the day.



I absolutely love this picture and the story as well. It makes me happy to know I’m not the only one that does this kind of thing for my Bella (and for Pip of course). My husband says I’m an ‘enabler’. That I create the weirdness in the dogs. Oh well.

I can picture you Corrine, putting the sleeping pugs on the ottoman and then wheeling them to the living room. That just makes me smile!

I mean can you imagine just making them wait for their breakfast and then *gasp* putting them on the floor when you make the bed!!! Neither can I!

Pug Hugs to everyone from Bella & me!



I, too, have a vivid picture in my mind, placing three pugs on an ottoman, then wheeling them out to the living room. Henry has that “what are you doing” look.  Luna seems to be more alert.  Benny is just out.  Another great picture Corrine.

Romeo has been on steroids before, but the last time, 6 weeks ago, he had other meds to take at a very regular time.  Of course the Prednisone made him very hungry, so at 6 am he started to bark for food.  Because my son is still asleep and is not a happy morning person, I rushed to get food ready, while Romeo is barking the whole time.  Then I began to pick him up and try to fill bowls…that was a chore because Romeo is not small.

  Next I came up with the idea of preparing their food the night before, placing it in a small bowl, then into a plastic container.  That worked for a while, now it can be 5 am, 3 am, or whenever. 

So now I have a squirt bottle by the bed and when he starts in I squirt in his direction, not at him, unless he is persistent, then he gets one squirt. Sometimes he settles down until 6 am, when I usually get up.  Other times it is an on and off thing from 3 am until 6 am.  Each time I squirt in his direction and get back to sleep, but honestly, it is not good sleep.  It might be easier to just get up and feed him, but then he will get into the habit of eating that early and want it every morning and may even try for an earlier feed.  Is he spoiled?  You betcha. 

Gina, Mike has essentially called me an enabler as well, but what are you going to do?

mary castagnoli


GINA/SUE VDB:  My son just says I’ll never be an Alpha Leader - except maybe with fish.  I say that animals, like small children, need consistency . . . I consistently cave.
Love the squirt bottle idea - but see myself in a very damp bed.



Oh man this picture!  I can hear the snores, huffing and puffing, and grunting from here!

My guys wake up with me at the sound of the alarm.  Once they see me putting on my shoes to get ready to leave for work, they both snuggle in their beds and go back to sleep.  Lucky bastards!



Luna’s glad to be in the middle- it’s cozy!



aw they are the sweetest sounds like my house they eat,go out then back to bed.



I loved reading your story put a mourning smile on my face my Abby wakes me up between 5 and 6 each mourning to go out then its back to bed till 7:30 and once I am up all six pugs two boxers and a peke will not let me go back to bed its breakfeast time for them then they get to go have a mourning nap



Utterly precious.  I had to copy it for my computer room.

I’m howling as I am reading your blurb, Corrine.  Such a funny picture comes to me of the pugs being wheeled…kind of like wheeled meals…from one room to another.

Sue VDB, the squirt idea is hilarious as well.  But, hey, if it works….

I don’t think your son, or your husband, Gina, should resort to name calling.  These are pugs we are talking about.  You can’t be a proper pug owner if you don’t acquiesce to their NEEDS.



Had to look at the picture once more.
Sue VDB…........ glad you mentioned it and three cheers for the squirt bottle!
When Ruby Claire chased after her siblings nipping at their feet and legs with her sharp little razor teeth I got out the squirt bottle as a last resort! It worked wonders with a squirt on the floor next to her, not at her. It took just 2 days to stop Ruby Claire’s bad nipping habit. Squirt   squirt

Lilo N' me (aka Gwen)


Lol, many a morning walk in this house has gone the way of the pug (as it didn’t happen).  Lilo usually will stay in bed while i get up to shower and get dressed for work. By 630 she is usually ready to go for a walk, and then there are “those mornings”, where she buries her little black snout back in the blankets and will not budge.  This happened one morning last week.  So i texted my brother, who doesn’t work until 10am to see if she would go for him.  Well I must have looked like quite the site, sitting out in our courtyard at work laughing all by myself.

My brother had texted me back to let me know that Lilo wouldn’t walk for him either. She put the brakes on and wouldn’t budge!! Even funnier, was his comment that: “it really sucks after you have her all bundled up”.  Welcome to my world!!!  He has tried so hard with her, which i have long learned, won’t work anyways, like carrying her down the block and making her walk back in hopes she’ll do her business.  Nope, she got her eye on the prize, nice warm house.

I am not an enabler, I am a Pugaholic.  I don’t believe i’m harming anyone lol.

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