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Monday, July 25, 2011

Walk Friends

Benjamin, Luna, Smith and Barney

Meet Smith & Barney! Smith & Barney are two fun pups that we sometimes see on our evening walks. Luna loves them because they are Luna sized and full of energy. You can see in the picture how much more energy they have than Benjamin, Henry & Luna. While we were talking, the boys and Luna decided to take a load off. (Henry is just off camera. Boy, is it hard to get a picture of 5 dogs while juggling leashes!).

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This is a fabulous picture.  I notice Benny has his tongue out (from exhaustion?) and Smith and Barney look like they are ready to go. How nice to meet up with friends on walks.



So cute to have fury friends in the neighborhood!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  I’m sorry I was MIA on Friday, but I’ve been up round the clock (and sleeping on the couch) since Thursday giving Baxter 9 different medicines on a rotating schedule (some every 3 hours, some every 4, some every 6, some every 12, and some every 24 hours).  We’re still medicating heavily, but the best news ever is that the ulcer was obliterated!!  YAY!  The ulcer went away, but there is still corneal swelling.  He has his 3rd check tomorrow at 4:50 pm.

Happiest to report my boy’s sight has improved and he is now getting around just like before that pesky, awful ulcer (Doc said if I had waited just a mere few hours more to get him in, he would have needed surgery).

Thanks again for the support!  Missed OBP land, but momma’s priority was playing nurse for the boy!



Great picture. Looks like Looney is smiling! And Smith & Barney have great names and look adorable!

Heather ~ wonderful news!!!!!!!!! You are one great and dedicated pug mommy! I know Baxter is thankful!!! I will keep sending prayers. Couldn’t hurt. smile

Another hot steamy day in Omaha. argh. It is so humid, our back door has condensation on it! It’s something to complain about. smile

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip



Smith and Barney are so cute looks like Luna and the boys are resting up for the rest of there walk

Heather so glad the ulcer is gone and Baxter is getting around much better all the meds were a good thing so happy for you



Isn’t it great to meet friends while out and about on a walk.
Hope the temp is starting to cool down.  It was hot here in NS.. for a change.. so walks have to be very early in the am or after 8pnm at night.

Glad to hear the Baxter is doing much better, although it is wearing you out Heather. Sue VDB - hope Romeo had a good weekend also.  I feld=t so sad reading about the third puggy that did’t make it back from his nihgtly excursion :(
Monday again.. enjoy the week all



There’s some cute pups there, all right. And look at that green grass. I didn’t see Friday’s post until this am. A little ironic I thought…. since I got up during the night (thurs) to let the pugs out and I missed the bottom step and fell. I wasn’t hurt bad or anything. A twisted ankle and some scrapes and bruises. Thankfully, that’s all it was and thankfully my hubby was with me. He normally doesn’t wake up during a thunderstorm but sure was glad he was a wake and with me then. Heather, so good to hear Baxter’s wonderful news. Just know you are elated. Hope everyone has a great start to to week. More 100 degree days in texas and so dry. This is the worst drought since the 50’s for the whole state.



I love the sweet picture with Smith and Barney! 

Heather, I’m very glad Baxter has had so much improvement!  It was a great call on your part to get him to the doctor when you did.  And you’ve done a great job getting all those drops in with the round-the-clock schedule.

Brenda, I’m so sorry about your fall!  That’s awful!  Sure was lucky hubby was awake.  And here in North Texas it’s the same…..I think we’re just two degrees cooler than hell.



Heather, we know you are exhausted, but know it was well worth it to have your baby’s eye problem being resolved, and of course your top priority was Baxter.

Glad to see you back.



Brenda, when I first read your post I cringed.  That’s exactly how I broke my ankle in 1998…so glad your injuries are not any worse.

Pat, Romeo did fine over the weekend.  I think I’m becoming paranoid checking on him to make sure he is ok, and sometimes when I think there is a problem, thankfully he proves me wrong…Yay.



Sue VDB.. Glad to hear everything is fine.
Also same to Heather and Baxter.

Brenda.. how terrible for you!!  I once fell down my stairs.. I had an Irish Setter Pup in my arms, I was so scared that I would hurt him, and tried everything to keep him safe.. but it was me that ended up rolling down the stairs, with the pup safely tucked in my arms.
I didn’t break anything on me!! but was stiff and sore and bruised for a few days!! 
We had her (the Setter) for 4 years and she died of cancer… it took me 12 years after that, to decide to get another dog… yes it is my Mr. Skittles He brings us great joy!!

pug mama


Meeting up with doggy friends on walks is the best.  It sure helps Abby move things along when we see one of our neighbors out in the neighborhood.  Yesterday it was her cocker spaniel neighbor Mocha who she is quite smitten by, even though he is a quite exuberant 2 yr old. 

Heather, glad your pup is continuing on the right path to recovery. 

Brenda, sorry to hear you fell, but glad to hear nothing serious happened.  Take good care <3



This is so cute.  I think their turning their backs to the new pups is sending a message.  What?  I dunno.

Sue VDB - Glad to hear Romeo is getting back to his old self.  What a trial you two have had. hang in there.

Heather, thanks for the update.  You must feel slap happy with such stress and so little sleep.  Prayers and pug hugs.

Pat, I never think of Nova Scotia as being particularly warm at any given time.

Brenda, I go bouncing off the floor so much so my husband just goes on with whatever he was doing.  I guess I’ve learned how to fall.  If it gets to that point, maybe you could practice falling say like onto the bad?  Just a thought.  So glad you didn’t get hurt.



Sue VDB ~ Still praying for you and Romeo too.

And of course Pug Mama and Abey and Heather and Baxter! smile

Now I will say prayers for you Brenda! My husband says I have gravity issues. I’m always falling or triping or something like that. I fell in front of about 100 people a few years back. It was terrible. I was laughing so hard my husband thought I was crying. I rolled my ankle and I went down! I threw my purse and it’s contents went flying! Instead of standing, I just crawled to my things to pick them up! And this was in front of 100 people eating BB-Q! I was their entertainment for the night! Argh! Hang in there Brenda! At least it was just in front of your puggers and hubby.  smile

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