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Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Adventure - Saturday Edition


Saturday was a pretty dreary day by Florida standards. It was raining off and on and was quite windy. With the so, so weather, we thought it would be a great day to take a little trip to the beach wink

The great thing about going to the beach when the weather is less than ideal is that we pretty much have the entire beach to ourselves. And this visit proved no different than our other crappy weather beach days.

Henry didn't care what the weather was like. He was happy to feel the sand between his paws. He walked the entire dog beach section and since it was low tide we were able to trek to a part of the beach that we aren't able to access very often. That was his favorite part, of course. It was his big moment to stray off the beaten path.

Considering that it was windy on the mainland, it was super windy on the beach. I think this big gust of wind almost blew Henry over! It was a warm breeze though so that helped.


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sue wooding


wow the second picture it must have been a pretty strong wind I am glad Henry had a nice day at the beach

Minnie, Mack and Mario


Henry looks so happy!!!  We have lived in the Orlando area since June and are looking for a good dog beach.  Where is this one located?




Ever the Adventurer!  Looks like you had fun!!

Corrine - OBP


Kathy-  This dog beach is just south of Daytona Beach.  At Ponce Inlet.  There is another really good dog beach near there, as well in New Smyrna Beach.  (The dogs are to remain leashed but since Henry was the only dog there, we broke the rules.)
I am sure Minnie, Mack & Mario would enjoy!

Sue VDB and Annie Fannie


Ears flapping in the wind, with a chance of being blown away seems to suit Henry just fine.  He didn’t seem at all bothered by this wind, and it is evident he enjoyed his adventure. Way to go Henry.

I met another Henry at Petsmart Sunday, and while this white poodle was adorable, I would have much rather it be you. 

My population has grown again.  In addition to Annie Fannie, sissy Missy, Frankie the obnoxious cat, Sunny, Casper, Blue and Sam the parakeets, I now have Katie, a 3 month old tabby kitten .  She was rescued after trying to go into a donut shop.  The tip of her left ear has frozen off and it also looks like she might have lost the tip of her tail.  She has really put Frankie’s nose out of joint.  When she discovered the birds she surely thought she had arrived in heaven, and now I have the task of teaching her NO, NO, NO.

Minnie, Mack and Mario


Thanks for the info!  We are less than 40 miles from Daytona Beach.  I can see a visit to the dog beach soon!



This looks like a wonderful adventure for Hank. He looks so cute in the second photo.

Sue VDB, I love that you saved that kitten! What a treat for that baby. You should post a pic on facebook so we can all see all of your babies!

We take care of a little doxie often and she HATES the wind. She lowers her head to the ground and tries to flatten herself out. She would not have enjoyed the doggie beach. You’re a trooper Henry!



I just love it that you had a chance to take Henry to the beach!  And it’s just great that he had a chance to be an Explorer and Go Where Henry Has Not Gone!

I really like the way the pictures show his fly-away ears!



If Henry had turned into the wind, he might have become the FLYING PUG!!

Christie Sachde


A bit more wind and perhaps Henry could help pull Santa’s sleigh!

Brenda Cooper


The beach looks like fun. Bet Henry had a fine time. It was rainy here in Texas on Saturday and very windy yesterday. So glad Henry is feeling better.

Sue States


SO glad to see Henry enjoying life again. Sue VDB-thank God for those who can and do take care of God’s precious creatures. I just can’t understand cruelty-my parents would have all kinds of critters left on our door step including ducks & rabbits. No critter turned away! Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 2

pug mama - Jen C


Henry, you sure know how to make the best of windy day.  So glad you enjoyed yourself at the deserted beach.  We have snow up in Wisconsin today, and Lily is not thrilled one bit.  She looks at me like “Mom, are you SERIOUS I have to go potty in this stuff?”  Then I remind her that she came home to me in the end of January at just 8 wks old and she then proceeds to get her business done. 

Please say a prayer for my friend Heather and her doxie Oliver.  Oliver got attacked at the dog park over the weekend, and has a nasty bite on his neck.  He’s been to the emergency vet and it is just a waiting game for his healing to start.  My friend Heather also got bit in the rumble, but she is faring better than poor Oliver.

Sandra B.


I luv how Henry’s ears are flapping in the breeze, just too cute!!!



What a lucky fellow you are Henry. When I lived in CA I loved walking on the beach in the winter. Hope you have many more this winter.

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