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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Your Ride, My Pugs

Benjamin and Luna

In a recent blog, I described how I wheel the dogs out of the bedroom and into the living room so that I can effectively make the bed. Well, on the weekends, this same ottoman gets rolled into the kitchen for at least one of the 3 to sit in while we eat breakfast and read the newspaper. I thought some follow up evidence of this may be in order. So here are Benjamin & Luna puggin' it up on their "chair" at the breakfast table.


(Plus I find it unusual that I am discovering more & more photos where the hole in Luna's ear is getting more noticeable. I wonder if her ears are going bald. Seems like her fur used to cover the hollow spot but not as much anymore. Odd.)

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aw photos are great they are such angels give luna and the gang a hug for us we love you.

Minnie and Mack


Such lucky pugs!  Being wheeled around the house, you must have tile floors.  I noticed that Mack’s ears are turning silver to match his face.  Maybe Luna’s ears are turning silver and the hole is just more noticeable.

Enjoy your snoozes.

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack



lookin’ very comfy indeed.  Benny , you don’t seem bright eyed at the moment.
Such sweeties, pug hugs to all.  I wish I could chillax with ya!



Talk about spoiled pugs…but they deserve it.  Remember the title of the blog - Owned By Pugs, and after all isn’t that the way it is with all of us?

Minnie and Mack may be right. It looks like little Luna’s ears are turning more gray, and that could be why the hole is more apparent. At any rate, Looney is still one very gorgeous baby.

mary castagnoli


CORRINE:  Has there ever been any concern that LA LUNA might catch a toenail (scratching around her head) in the hole and tear it worse?  Could it be mended by some sort of surgical glue?  Nothing could mar her sweet-pug-beauty - I’m just a worry wart about stuff and the thought crossed my mind.
Love how your household truly is Pugland . . . rollin’, rollin’ rollin’ - keep those puggies rollin’ . . . Get ‘em up, move ‘me out Pughide!!!!
SNAP!  OK - now I’m singing at my desk.  But thanks, always, for your entertaining peek inside your happy world of pugs!



Benny and Miss Luna look so comfy I have to ask once you sit down to breakfeast do they still lay or are they sitting up looking for some food I know food comes first always to my six



Oh my goodness. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love how you treat the puggers Corrine. I love how you wheel them to the table so they can still sleep yet be in the room with you! It seriously warms my heart. I wish all animals could be treated this way.

This doesn’t really have anything to do with this but (and I put this on facebook the other day) Sophie (my 4 year old) was petting Bella the other day and she said, “Mom, Bella is the bravest pug ever.” (she is a rescue but we’ve never said that so Sophie came up with this on her own.) Just thought it was pretty smart.

Pug (and doxie) hugs from Bella, Susie Dog & me.

I’m going to try to post a pic of them sitting in the sun.

Lucy and Pen's Mommy


Hahaha, great picture! And Benny looks none too pleased that you’ve shoved a camera in his face! I’m not showing this picture to Pen and Lucy or they’ll think they’re deprived and demand that I put wheels on all of the ottomans in the house (which all have towels thrown over them because they have all been claimed as pug beds.)



Mary C - I love that song and loved the show.  Of course, I was just a wee girl when it was on. wink

We have a similar item of pug “furniture”,  Actually, it’s really two.  When hubby uses his laptop, it rests on top of a two-drawer file.  Of course, both fellas want to be in daddy’s lap, and occasionally he manages to do it.  But, we decided that Rascal (Mr. Whiny Butt)who is the biggest “problem”, so we put this small table, about 1-12” x 2”, with the top being at computer height and within easy scratching distance.  We call it the “perch”. 

Well, Biscuit decided he was being left out, so we grabbed another “perch”, a little bigger (they even share it sometimes)and with wheels.  We occasionally wheel him around that general area, if we need to get by or get something, etc.  But, even if they wanted to be wheeled all around, the two floors prevents that.  If course, Biscuit usually gets carried down the stairs by his daddy, when it’s time for their last walk of the night. lol

Have a great day, everyone!



Just when I think I’ve seen the best of your pictures, Corrine, another comes along to top it. Pugs on Wheels!

Mary C, loved your “rollin song”, and Gina, how sweet of your daughter, Sophie, to make the comment about Bella. Already at 4 years old she is showing such a kindness for animals.
Wishing everyone a good day.



Great comments from Mary C, Gina and Carla.  I’m just waiting for Huckle to comment.

mary castagnoli


Benny face sez:  It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night.  What an abused baby-face he is!!!  Love ya, Benny!!

GINA:  Such a wise and empathetic girl - your Sophie is.  It’s so telling, I think, to see children who bond with animals.  I think they grow up to be tremendous people. And I think, as well, that ALL animals should be treated as kindly and wonderfully as Henry, Benjamin and La Luna.  They so depend on the kindness of their people.



Precious squishy loves. Kisses to you sweet Puggers!!



I think Baby Benny is keeping his eyes open just a little because there isn’t room on the bed for the addition of Henry (who, BTW is missing) and Benny’s not about to be pushed off.  Luna’s just telling Benny to suck it up and go to sleep.  What a beautiful picture of Luna.  She is so soulful and probably doesn’t even know how adorably cute she is.

Mary, your comments are funny.

If anyone thought pug owners were certifiable, a quick read of Carla’s comment would cinch it.  Mr. Whiny Butt - love it.  We have one of those.

Gina, we don’t often realize how smart little kids are nor how much they take in until out pops a stunning idea.

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