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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Big Day, Phase 2

Benjamin, Henry and Luna on the chair

So, we finally got home around 5 PM.  We unloaded all the dogs, gave them some dinner, let them play in the back yard and then introduced Luna to her new forever home.  Oh boy was she fired up!  It is almost impossible for us to believe that she is 2-3 years old.  First of all she is so tiny.  She is at most a petite 12 pounds.  The boys tower over her and weigh in at the 20’s.  (Even the cat is slightly bigger than Luna.)  Not only does her size seem puppy-like but her mannerisms are puppy-like, too.  She runs hard, drinks quick, needs to use the potty with urgency and then sleeps like a log.  She is even teething a little.  She is just a burst of energy all the way around. 

Anyway, once Luna got the lay of the land, she began running circles around the boys.  So much so, in fact that no one could keep track of who was chasing who.  After that, we went for a walk around the neighborhood.  I think that was the most exhausting thing, though, because Luna has no idea of how to stay on the sidewalk during a walk.  She is off exploring and zig zagging in front of you.  (Granted, this would be sort of ok if she was the only dog out there, but there are 3 now, so it is easy to tangle leashes that way.)  But, Luna, is so eager to learn that by the end of the walk she was doing much better walking while on leash.

Finally, we got back home, watched some TV on the couch and prepared for bedtime.


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