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Friday, February 17, 2012





aw aren’t you sweet kisses to you.



Oh wow!  Such a sweet and gentle puggy face!  U r pugdorable!



Bodoque, you are adorable, but what a pensive look on that sweet face.

Wayne Blackman


It a blue blue day you took my food dish away. All alone am i. Hey buddy can you spare a cookie treat or something to eat. I have not ate for five minutes. Hey anybody have a cheese burger with a milk shake. Easy on the carrots i am on a diet. De pug.



Wayne, you forgot to mention that Bodoque would like a Diet Coke to go with his order.

BTW, Bodoque is an interesting name.  How did you come up with that?  You look like a little sweetie full of pug kisses as well.



Bodoque you have such a sweet face but you look sad



Such a unique name for a huggable pug!  I like the diet coke comment too!  You are a sweetie.



Sweet, sweet little pugger you are!!!



Dear Bodoque - before I opened you picture I knew you would be sooooo cute, what a name to live up to
Pug hus and kisses
Grannygoogs and the ‘Lonehill 6’

PS: Am signing off for a while - have to go to hospital in Pretoria [400km away] on Sunday. All your prayers make a huge impact on my life - Thans Sue, Huckle and Elizabeth in particular.

Mary M.


Oh, Bodoque, you look like such a sweet, sad boy.  Kisses to you to cheer you up!
    Grannygoogs, sending prayers and healing wishes to you.  Hope you join us back at OBP soon!

Hellen Norton


Love the nme!! And of course the beautiful pug that is fits so beautifullie!!



Hi Bodoque - what a French name that is!  You’re a very handsome chap I might add!  xxxooo

Wayne Blackman


I purchased a pug and took her home. Well i did not like her so i took her back to the pet store. Well i did this five times because i always ended up with the same pug.
The owner said told me later that the pug told him she liked me. So i kept on getting the same pug. Finally i put my foot down and took the pug back to the store. After the pug and i had tea and cookies with the owner. The two of us headed home for the baseball game. The pug likes the Yankees so i will keep her. Or she will keep me i guess. Pug wants some dinner. Sorry have to go the pug is hungry.

What say you?




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