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Saturday, March 10, 2007



As told by Nancy

I have always loved the pug, although I had never had one. On a Sunday in October 2003 my family was running late for church. We were so late we had to attend the second service, which we rarely did.

As my husband and daughter went off to Sunday school, I headed for the sanctuary. Standing near the door was our veterinarian, Dr. Harry. I walked past him, he said good morning and I blurted out, "I want a pug!" Now, I had not even been thinking about pugs, getting a pug or anything pug! I kept walking thinking what a crazy thing to say when Dr. Harry grabbed my arm and said, "I just might have one for you". He then proceeded to tell me about the sweetest pug named Maggie who needed a home. Her owner, Pat, was looking to place her with a nice family. Pat had just lost his wife to cancer 2 weeks before and with the way his job was, he just didn't think he could give Maggie the love and care she deserved.

Maggie has some health problems. In addition to a bad liver, she has the equivalent of Crohn's disease in humans. Dr. Harry said that Pat was bringing this adorable pug in to see him the next day and he was going to run some tests. He told me to think about it and call him later no matter what the answer was.

I walked into church that day and didn't hear one word of the sermon. I couldn't stop thinking about this precious little pug, I just knew that God had placed her on my heart that day. I was anxious to tell my husband and daughter. We talked the 25 minute ride home and decided we just had to give Maggie a loving home.

Dr. Harry told us that he couldn't give us a definite time line on how long Maggie would live. She could die in as little as 3 months. We still wanted her, we just wanted to make what ever time she had left as happy as possible.

On Saturday of that same week, we drove to Pat's house to meet Maggie. The three of us fell in love with her the minute we saw her. We spent two hours over Pat's home that evening. He spent the time getting to know us and telling us all about Maggie, while his heart was breaking for the recent loss of his wife. Maggie weighed just under 9 pounds when we took her home that evening. You could see her ribs clearly. Armed with her meds, food, dish, toys and bed we were ready to give her more love than she could possibly imagine.

Now here it is over 3 years later. Maggie weighs 16 pounds and is healthier than ever. She is pure joy and the most amazing pug I could ever hope for. She is playful, eats well (typical pug huh?) and loves us back. She even gets along with our Jack Russell and three cats. We have stayed in touch with Pat (who is now remarried to a wonderful lady) and he visits Maggie often.

We just know that Maggie was meant to be with us. We are truly blessed to have her!


Wednesday, February 28, 2007



As told by the Hancock family

While my oldest daughter was away at school, she thought it would be great to have a small dog to keep her company. My wife and I thought it was a good idea as well, so I set out to find the perfect dog for my daughter.

Jupiter I started my search on the Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee (SBRET) website. It was there that I spotted an adorable pug named Princess. You can say it was love at first site and I immediately contacted SBRET and arranged a visit with Princess through her foster home. Princess, her foster parent and I met at a local park. As soon as I saw Princess, I realized that she is a very sweet little angel. Princess's foster parent told me that she had been given up by her former family because they no longer wanted to care for her and that while she received a lot of attention from potential new homes, most were unwilling to adopt her because she has only one eye. Princess's eye issues were not a concern for me at all. She easily won me over with her charming personality and I started the adoption process on the spot.

Jupiter meeting my daughter

Princess spent a few weeks with me and my wife before she joined my daughter at school. During that time, we started calling her Jupiter. She didn't seem much like a princess to us, she is more like a Queen instead. The name stuck and she is now officially named Jupiter.

Princess has been with our family for almost two years now. She has her own MySpace site where she has an extensive list of fans. She is also very active at the local Mast General Store where she visits regularly promoting goodwill and sweetness. Jupiter just loves being the little angel that she is.

Jupiter loves ginger snaps (the crispy ones with icing), Sponge Bob Square Pants, all people, sleeping under the covers and pretty things that are just for her. Jupiter does not like the horses on Bonanza, Arnold Ziffel (the guy from Green Acres) and certain allergy commercials with bees buzzing around.

My wife and I are very grateful that we know Jupiter and she has brought much laughter, love and joy into our family.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bentlee B

Bentlee B with her family

Bentlee B found her new forever home via Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption. Bentlee had a bad skin infection and was surrendered to the rescue group by her owners. SEPRA nursed Bentlee back to health and then set out to find the sweet pug a new forever home.

Bentlee's new family saw her picture and her story on the SEPRA website and just couldn't resist that cute little face. The family submitted an adoption application for the little pug and was ecstatic when their heard back from the rescue organization the next week. The adoption process had officially started!

During the adoption process the whole family was very excited. They received an e-mail with pictures of their new baby girl and found out more about her personality. The family's two daughters even raised money for Bentlee B's impending adoption by selling frozen cups to their friends.

And then the day finally came. The day they would meet Bentlee and bring her to her new forever home. The family drove to Jacksonville, FL to meet the Bentlee's foster parents. They describe the event as a "sleepless night, like they were expecting a new baby." As soon as they met Bentley, it was love at first sight. Valerie, Bentlee's Mom recalls, "when we finally met her she knew we were her family."

Bentlee has since settled in very nicely to her new forever home. She loves her two new sisters and greets them at the door everyday when they get home from school. Bentlee has also helped her new sisters make friends in their new neighborhood. The girls walk Bentlee every afternoon and the kids in the neighborhood always come by to say hello. Bentlee has just been an all around gift to her new forever family. Valerie says, "Bentlee B is there to comfort you when you feel tired, sick and a little upset. She loves to climb on you and lay down to show you she has love for you. Bentlee B is a wonderful pug and giving her the same love she gives you is even better than words could describe."

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dizzy, Harley & Jake

Dizzy, Harely & JakeDizzy, Harley & Jake

Told by Lauren Hennig-Olschafskie

I have rescued three pugs. My rescued pugs are incredible! I couldn't have gotten a better mix of personalities if I had gone to an expensive breeder and picked them out.

My first rescue, Dizzy, came from a couple that lived in Ft. Lauderdale about nine years ago. The couple had to move into a complex that didn't allow dogs. I drove, nervously, down to South Florida not knowing how this dog would change my life for the better. Dizzy immediately panted and snorted her way into my heart. She ended up being a special addition because she was born with a hole in her heart. She has needed much more attentive care then I was aware of. I got her into a dog cardiologist, who predicted she would only live eight years. The doctor suggested I do everything to make her short life happy. Keeping that in mind a found a Veterinarian that comes to my house. By keeping a steady eye on Dizzy's diet, giving her the prescribed medicine morning and night, and loving her........Dizzy has surpassed the predicted eight year life span that the doctors gave her. She is now 9 1/2 yrs. old and doing excellent.


Dizzy was unable to have babies but she was so motherly to my husband and I that we decided it was time to get Dizzy a lttle pug to take care of. Harley, my second pug, came into our life about four years ago. My brother called me one morning and asked if I was interested in a pug puppy for free. I couldn't control my excitement. Harley came home to us that evening and ended up becoming quite the mommy's boy! Harley was originally kept in a cage 24 hours a day, never allowed to run, play or be free. The family that had him did not understand how a pug differs from other dogs. The children hit Harley and ignored him because Harley was never house broken. Harley came to me with no excitement and was extremely fearful. He was so battered I felt it was important to show Harley that he could trust me and be relaxed at home by simply giving him love, and teaching him he was home. Since his arrival all of our lives have become happier and Harley has blossomed into the most loving pug I have ever met! Dizzy constantly grooms Harley and they cuddle together whenever they think no one is looking.


The arrival of my third pug was something of a fluke. Last year I was working at my office and was surfing MySpace when I came across a young pug pup named Jake. He was in Miami and needed to find a new home. I don't know why, but, I had the overwhelming feeling that he belonged with us. Within minutes I e-mailed the owner and told him Jake was ours! That weekend we drove from Orlando to Miami to get Jake! The ride home was a long one but Jake immediately seemed happy to be with us. Since then, Jake pretty much runs the house. He has a severe case of seperation anxiety which we attempt to work on. Otherwise, he cuddles constantly and loves to be loved. Dizzy too has developed a "mom" like attitude towards him.

Dizzy, Harley, Jake & Barkly

In our home is also a Cocker Spaniel that seems to have taken a bossy attitude over the pugs. Barkly, our cocker spaniel rounds up the pugs and keeps an eye on them.

Without pugs.........our bed would be empty......with them, there is barely room for us!

Friday, December 15, 2006



Told by Aili Kos

In December 2002, Toby's owner passed away at age 96. She had asked to have him put to sleep after she died. But he was only 5 years old and although he was quite overweight and deaf, he was a really good dog. The family wanted to find a home for him, since they couldn't have him. But it was hard, no one wanted an unhealthy, 37 pound pug.

A month later, in January 2003, the granddaughter of the family asked her boyfriend see if anyone at his workplace could take Toby. If no one could, they would try to give him to a shelter, but they really wanted to find a home for him.

I had pugs growing up and knew all about them, so I was one of the first people he asked. I said yes without even seeing Toby and he told me that I should see him first.

So that weekend, my sister and I went to see Toby. He was the biggest, smelliest, saddest pug we had ever seen. We had to take him home and take care of him! He was so scared and he would just run away and hide under something. But he gave in after we sat on the floor and played with him for an hour.

We packed up his stuff and drove him to see our parents since they lived a few towns away. My mom loved him too, but my dad said, "What is that thing, he stinks!"

It's true, Toby did stink, his skin was horrible, it flaked off in black patches, he had so many rolls of skin, and his infected ears were the worst. Poor puggy, we all said. Poor boy, his owner was too old to take care of him.

So we bathed him and took him to the vet the next day and got everything he needed. It took a few months, but he began to smell better and was getting lots of attention and exercise!

I've had him for nearly 4 years and he is happy and healthy, aside from the occasional ear infection. He only weighs 27 pounds now and people say they can't believe he's the same dog! He's the best dog!


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