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Wednesday, December 19, 2007



As told by Bonnie

Cheerio! My name is Lucy and I here to tell you my long “curly” tail. I am approximately 4 years old, according to my wise old vet, and in such a short life I have been passed around like a hot potato (don’t get me started on food!). I was purchased as a puppy to be with a family in South Carolina. Unfortunately, my new pug parents were not very good to me. They did not realize pugs are family pets and must live inside! They kept me in a very small enclosed pen outside! It gets very hot, as well as pretty cold here in South Carolina and I didn’t enjoy living out there all alone! My family did not know that pugs have special dietary considerations either; they fed me miscellaneous table scraps and so, with a lack of exercise and good yummy food, I got to be very fat! Let me tell you, for someone with as much pride as I have, being so fat was very embarrassing for me!

After I was spayed, I didn’t go back to the vet, so from all the neglect, I became a very poor and sad pug. Eventually my owners got tired of me (and I was getting tired of them too!!!) so they posted an ad up offering me free to good home. A nice lady from the Union County Animal Shelter heard about my ad and went to pick me up. Her name was Donna and she brought me home.

Boy, was I happy to be with her and her nice family! She gave me a warm bath and cleaned me up really good! She also house trained me (who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?). Donna was amazed one day when we were outside and I pooped out a little metal army man toy; I had been so badly abused at my former home I probably ate the toy out of boredom or sadness! I had also worn the same collar for so long, it left horrible indentions and calluses on my poor little pug neck. I also had developed kennel cough from being outside and I wheeze and pant a lot from the strain the collar put on my throat. I had a horrible mite problem in my ears on top of that. But even through all that, Donna could see the sparkle returning to my sad and lonely eyes while she taught me to be a happy pug that trusts humans.

After I had been on a diet for awhile and had shown significant health improvements, Donna was ready for me to go to a forever home!

My mommy and daddy found me on this great site called petfinder.com, which places homeless pets of all kinds in loving families. My new mommy had been searching for a homeless pug for a few months, to be a companion to their existing fawn pug, Lily. When mommy saw my photo, she fell instantly in love with my cute little face and emailed Donna right away. After many emails, mommy, daddy and Lily came to pick me up. Since my new family lived about an hour away from Union, Donna agreed to bring me half way. When I came to my new home, I was very very excited! All the excitement about having a new sister caused me to breathe very heavily for a few days! Mommy thought I must be sick; she did not know it takes me awhile to calm myself down when I am excited!

Lucy & Lily

When I went to the vet a few days later, they took lots of tests and said I was healthy as a horse but just needed to lose a little bit more weight!

I loved my little sister Lily from the very get-go. I took to mothering her, laying her down at night and washing her face and little belly. We also sleep together on the couch snuggled right up against each other! I love to go to ‘puppy spa’ with my sister and get pug facials and massages and manicures! I also have 2 huge baskets of toys to play with (my cookie monster is my favorite toy) and I love to go on a short walks when it’s not too cold or too hot out! Mommy also buys me all kinds of fancy outfits now that I am small enough to fit in them!

Lucy all dressed up

I love my mommy and sister but my daddy is the VERY best. I am definitely Daddy’s girl; I am always on his lap and follow him from room to room. My breathing difficulties have definitely improved and I have lost tons of weight since my crazy pug sister taught me about ‘pug attacks’ where we run through the house like 2 miniature galloping horses.

I finally have reached the end of my tail! I conclude by saying I am one happy, lucky, and VERY loved little pug!



Such a lucky little girl! Went from neglected to spoiled rotten in record time.
What a blessing you guys have been for her. How can you not love that face?



Congratulations on your forever home! You sound like a very lucky puglet!
Your story made me cry but your new life with your new parents lifted my heart! Give them a kiss for us.
D and her puggers



HI Lucy! You are adorable! I am so glad that you have found a wonderful forever home. We have a Rescue Pug too~ If you scroll down a ways you can read his Story. His name is “Turbo”  He get what you call Pug Attacks here too…we call them the Zoomies! You can also see his and his Pug Sisters daily antics on http://www.pugposse.blogspot.com



dear lucy

you are a wonderful survivor.. love your story and soo happy that you had found your forever home

luv, almond

Karen Franklin


I thought that was a very sad, sweet and touching story.  It is very similar to the story I have about my rescue pug!  Enjoyed reading the story.



You’re a very beautiful young lady, & you’re family is so lucky to be loved by you!

Spinal Cord Unit Family at Cardinal Hill Rehabilit


WE LOVE YOUR HAPPY PUG STORY! We were searching for adoption sites for pugs, and ran across your CUTE PUG!

Thanks for sharing.



I have had several pugs, one black, who was the sweetest, most michievious, smartest, loving baby of all.  I always tear up when I see a little black pug. I am so happy to see, Lucy, you have found your loving forever home.  A happy ending to a very tragic “tail”.  Lots of hugs and kisses to Lucy.



That is a good tale! I’m glad she has a happy home. She looks VERY happy now.



Lucy you are absolutely adorable.  You remind me so much of my little black pug Bo Peep who is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.  I have had several pugs over the last 40 plus years but she was extra special.  Lucy I said a prayer thanking God for finding you such a lovely forever home.  Hugs and kisses.



Thank heavens for great people like your parents, and Donna!

All Pugs (and all dogs for that matter) deserve loving homes and proper care.  When I think about people like your old owners, and Hooies first parents it makes me so angry.

1 Million hugs and kisses to you and your sister!

Kelly Marshall


What a wonderful story. And also a so familiar. We too have a fawn pug male who we just love. Thought how nice would it be for him to have a sister. Thats when we to went on pet finders, and fell in love wiyh a black pug named Lucy too. But we have sense changed to Jade. Purley on the fact that the first dresS I bought her was green. She is just a joy. Sounds like two little girls really lucked out.

Feel free to write back.
Best Regards,



So cute!!!! I have a black pug too but he does like to wear cloths. My mom bought him a sweter (it gets cold in up state NY) but our other dog help him take it off whenever they go outside.



What a nice ending to a very sad beginning.  How can anyone treat a Pug that way?  I’m so glad she ended up in a loving home!

Patty Hunt


Dear Lucy,
I think you are very lucky. One time I had to let one of my Pugs go look for a New Family To Love and I cried very hard. He was a little stinker but the cutest thing you ever saw! Would you believe my little Beaux became a therapy Pug to a man who had a stroke? I got to see them both at a Pug-a-Thon ( we have those in Nevada) and I cried some more. My little stinker, was really an angel in disguise. His big brother got to stay with me because he was just like me, sleeps alot and doesnt like to eat furniture and play all night. I think we were all very lucky. Beaux had alot of love from me, but my New Forever Family was where God wanted me to be.
The end.
Pug Hugs and Kisses Beaux Buddy & Patty



Wow!! That certainly brought tears to all 3 of us,Flo,Noel & Charlee Girl(fawn pug 6 mos old today).
We would like to rescue a blk. Pud one day.
Your story was amazing!  Enjoy.
Pugs and Kisses

kathy donaldson


I am happy you finally have the home you want. You look very happy and very cute in your offits.Hope to see more and hear updates on how you are doing.

John A Deuth


Wonderful,warm and thank God a great outcome. Our little furbaby is going through a bout of mast cell tumors (numbers 7-8 come off tomorrow). She will be 5 in October, and she also loves to “happy dance” and as much as she’s our alpha baby, she’s also very much Daddy’s little girl. Continued happiness to you all from Louise, John and Smoochie.



Dear,lucy my pug probally knows how it feels to get tooken one place from another to.he got separated from me.he lives in seattle i live in kenniwick i miss him that was mean of your old parents to leave you outside in the pin.my dad wont get me a pug because i have 2winner dogs1chauwaha 1cat.i love pugs there playful they snore cute there tails are cute.they love to chace after there tails they like to chase after you.my name is madisyn iam 9 i live in kenniwick. your a lucky pug your family is lucky to have a pug like you.your sister lily looks like my pug ozzie that lives in seatle.remember theres nothing wrong with the way you look if you just belive in yourself.your friend,madisyn



What a nice rescue story and a beautiful Pug!



That was such a sad story buy a wonderful ending. Im glad the home is working out. Such wonderful parents! Take care Lucy



I am a volunteer at shelter and am grateful for wonderful people like you! thanks for giving this loving animal a great home…

Kimo's Auntie Jenn


Loved your happy-ending “curly” tail!!! You’re such a strong-willed pug…thank goodness for fosters and your new family.



This story brought a tear to my eye!!  I have a black pug that is my life and I can’t imagine her being outside for 4 years!  That you for rescuing this precious angel!



love your story my name is odie and i live i sc i also was made to live outdoors and the bigger dogs took my food so conversely to you i was very very skinny with a horrible skin problem my mother talked my former owner into letting her take me home for awhile this has turned into my rest of life home LIFE IS GOOOOD!!!



Hi.  I do not own pure bred pugs, but do have 2 crazy puggles.  I just wanted to say what a wonderful end to a horrible begining for sweet and cute Miss Lucy.  Have fun with her.




I love your story.  I am also the proud Mommy of a 9 year old Fawn Pug—- Zach.

He is the love of my life.  I am single, and do have a Maltese brother for my pug, long story, Zach got nipped and was only for one night, and could not find another pug in such short notice, got a Maltese brother, Snickers, they get along fine.

GOD Bless you for being sooo wonderful to your little creatures, Pug. Love to all.




Very good ending to a bad start on life.
Glad Lucy got a good home.  All pugs
deserve that.

Acai Berry


Lucy is just too adorable! I’ve never owned a Pug before, but have three Chihuahuas so I know where you are coming from.

Cheryl Washington


This story warmed my heart.  I am so happy to see that Lucy ended up in the right home.  I also have a black pug named Lucy and her sister (a fawn pug) named Madeline so seeing little Lucy and hearing how great she was doing in her new placement warms my heart.  Thank you Donna, we need more people like you getting these beautiful dogs into the right homes. 

Thanks for the great story I think it will stay with me.




Ahhh,Man thats a great story,and very much like
or PUGS story!!!!!!
We found our sweet little PUG named BERRY running away from her Abusive Puppy Mill that
the people called a Farm!!!!!
The ASPCA had a long History with these inhumane people!!!!!
Our PUG Berry says hello to Lucy and Berry can Relate!!!!!!!



Thank the Lord Lucy’s original owners finally gave her up. I don’t know what possesses people to get dogs they know nothing about or don’t have the time, interest or love in their hearts to care for them properly. Why get a dog if you intend to leave it out in a pen all the time?? I don’t get it.
It warms my heart to know that Lucy has such a happy life now. Hugs & kisses to Lucy & Lily

Pug Lover


She is so cute



Oh- that’s the cutest story! I’m so glad she has a wonderful, loving home!!!! I can’t wait to get another pug someday- maybe another black one! I have a fawn colored pug and lost my black one recently. I just love the breed!

Dean High


this story touched my heart.. I have 2 pugs, a pekinese and a boxer. It makes me happy when puppies find new and loving homes



Hi Lucy and sister Lily.  WONDERFUL for you.
Bless your family.  Keep doing those pug scoots!  My family thinks I am a HOOT when I to the pug run.
Love, Corky

Elizabeth Stratton


Lucy, I am so very happy that you found your forever home and we all want to thank Donna for all she did for you.  She is an Angel for helping little you, Lucy.  Your new family is lucky to have you and you them.  Now you have each other and can be there for one another.

Hugs to all from Pug Master Cooper, and Mom Elizabeth in NY~



Best wishes to you Lucy! That was a very heartwarming tale. I’m happy that you have found a loving home. You deserve nothing less.

colleen marie wills


How much is she? and where is she? Thank you in advance for your time. Also, Please list her health problems.



this sounds like my dog and my dog is CUTE like your dog



I love a happy ending. Especially when it’s a curly tailed ending. wink



I’m soooo happy you have found such a wonderful home, and I hope you forget all about those bad people in the past.  You have a great future full of puggy fun and love.  Pug hugs and kisses, sweetie pie!  XXXOOO

Elizabeth Stratton


Hi Dear Lucy,
I am so sorry for the way you were treated but that was all in the past.  You look so very beautiful in your lovely blue ‘dress.’
You ARE, indeed,  ALL very lucky to have one another.  All the best to you, sweetheart. 
Pug Hugs from Elizabeth and Master Cooper, my fawn Puggy, handsome little guy,

Wayne Blackman


God Bless Lucy you are home.

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