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Wednesday, May 3, 2006



As told by Angela, a foster Mom for pugs through MAPR.

I happened upon an ad in the paper about a found female pug wandering around a neighborhood. I called the number and found out it was a vet’s office. They were closed by the time I called on Saturday. I left a message letting them know who I was and if I could be of any help to please give me a call.

Monday came and went, then Tuesday. And it just donned on me that I forgot to call back on Monday to check the status of the lost pug! I called and got a hold of someone and they told me they still had her, and that someone from another rescue was on their way to see her. I was relieved that someone was going to take care of her. I said thanks and left my name and phone number.


Ruby adjusting to life in her new forever home.

I emailed my co-rescue group to let them know, and then I got an e-mail back saying they told the other rescue agency that they had a foster right down the street, so they handed her over to MAPR. So Thursday, I am off to see Miss lost pug! I arrived at the vet’s office, and walked into the clinic and heard this sweetest little barking sounds coming from behind the counter, I leaned over and what do you think I saw? A little pudgie pug walking around like she owned the place- I guess that’s why they were calling her princess.

They vet's office told me a lady found the lost pug wandering around, and brought her in. They placed an ad in the paper and NO ONE CAME! Someone must have died because I can not for the life of me figure out why (if you were able) you would not have looked for or found this girl. I also couldn't help but wonder how she got out in the first place. Well, they can’t tell their story so you have to just imagine.


Ruby surveying her new yard

The vet's office did very good by Ruby. When she arrived she was covered in fleas. The vet's office gave her a bath, cleaned her ears, checked for parasites and gave her all the necessary shots. I scooped her up out of the assistant's arms and carried her to my car and sat her in the front seat and said “well, you’re on your way to a new start girl”; and off we went.

She wanted to sit in my lap (she’s 28 lbs). It was uncomfortable, but I let her. She was anxious to see where she was going, but I am sure she never dreamt she was going to go see a 4.5 mo old female pug and a wiener dog. We got home, and walked in, and you would have thought she was just coming home……..I just knew at that point……..girlfriend was staying here. But I did not tell my family that, I kept it a secret for a while, until I was 100% sure that Ruby would be staying with us.

Then I got the email that made my stomach cringe…..one from the rescue……..saying…..lets get some pictures up on the site so that we can find Ruby a forever home! OMG!!!!!!!!!! I was ill…….I could not let this happened….so I emailed my coordinator and told her of my dilemma, hoping they would not be angry with me because I failed my 1st foster assignment. She emailed me back, and was very understanding, and told me what do to next.

Ruby is still with us today, and she is just a blessing to us. I love her so dearly and she loves me in return, and we live happily ever after.



Good for you Angela, Ruby looks adorable and I can well understand you not wanting to part with her.  Bless you both.



Oh, what a great story.  I know they can get out of the fence when you don’t even know the fence is open or when an elderly parent come over and never sees them run out the door.  It can just happen.  But I would be on a mission to get my baby back!  So glad you loved her so much to want to keep her.



That’s sweet! I could’nt foster to save my life! I would foster a dog, then keep it! I also love animals, so I’d foster as many as possible. I’m sure three acres of land is plenty, but, I’d probably have about 500 dogs at my sprawling place. Three acres isn’t that much space anymore. Plus, 7,000+ square feet would fill up pretty fast



What an awesome story for your little princess.  I wouldn’t be able to foster, either.  I’d want to keep all the babies.  So very happy for you, Angela, on getting to keep her and surround her with your family’s love and devotion.



Thanks all for your comments- they were very nice- Ruby is doing very very well….....I love her to the ends of the earth…



Here are more pictures of Ruby, her fur sister and brother, and fosters that have come and some still with us waiting for that perfect home - http://s39.photobucket.com/albums/e174/amshere/Pugs/

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