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Caring for your pug’s pearly whites

January 31st, 2008

Do you know what the most common disease is for dogs and cats?  Surprisingly, it is periodontal disease.  Because of the number of cats and dogs that suffer from periodontal disease, February has been named National Pet Dental Month.

Play it Safe this Fourth of July

June 5th, 2007

The 4th of July is filled with family picnics, warm weather and fireworks.  Put all of these things together and you are on your way to having a fantastic holiday.  However, the day’s festivities can pose serious threats to our four-legged companions.

Ease Your Mind with Home-Prepared Meals

April 1st, 2007

What exactly is involved in feeding your pug a home-prepared meal?  We’ll cover the basics and give you the information you need to get started in switching your pug over to a home-prepared diet.

Grin & Bare It - Good Dental Care for your Pug

January 31st, 2007

A good dental routine can help keep your pug healthy for years to come.  Here are a few ways to ensure that your pug’s teeth and gums stay healthy.

Summer Safety Tips

June 1st, 2006

Summer is such a fun time, but with so many different activities going on it can also be a dangerous time of year.  However, with careful planning you and your pug can make the most of the summer months.  To help you and your pug enjoy the warm weather, each day this month we will offer up a Summer Safety Tip.

Keeping your pug cool during the dog days of summer

July 18th, 2005

The summer heat can be very dangerous for your pug. Here are some tips on how to keep your pug safe during the summer months and still have fun.

Grapes, Nuts and Your Dog’s Health—Foods that Fido should Avoid

March 22nd, 2005

It’s a well known fact that pugs aren’t picky eaters. Make sure the treats you are giving your puggie aren’t harmful.

Get Answers To Important Questions About Dog Nail Trimming

February 21st, 2005

Pugs are notorious for not liking to have their toenails trimmed.  Teresa James gives pug lovers advice on how to properly trim their dog’s toenails.

Why “Doggie Breath” is nothing to joke about

February 17th, 2005

Dr. Carolyn Schweitzer explains why a dental routine should be a part of your pug’s daily life.

The 7 Stages of Puppy Development

February 16th, 2005

Learn about how your new pug puppy is growing.

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