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2007 Costume Contest Winners

By OwnedByPugs.com

October 30th, 2007

There were plenty of entries in this year's costume contest that were worthy of a treat. Picking the winners was no easy task, but after much deliberation we came up with this year's winners. A huge thank you to everyone who participated. You can see all the entries in our Halloween Gallery.

The Winners

Cutest Costume

Diesel the Tootsie Roll
Diesel as a Tootsie Roll
Submitted by Carissa

Most Original Costume

Piper and Annabell - The USA Competitive Eating Team
Piper & Annabelle as The USA Competitive Eating Team
Submitted by Andrea

Best Group Costume

The Wizard of Oz
Eeyore as The Scare Pug, Mia as Dororthy, Emma as The Tin Pug, Daisy as The Good Pug of the North and Otis as the Cowardly Pug
Submitted by Amanda & Theresa