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By OwnedByPugs.com

February 18th, 2006

It has been a long time coming, but the new version of OwnedByPugs.com has officially been released. This update is jammed packed with new features and improvements. Here are the highlights of the major changes and cool new pug things that have been added to the site.

New Logo

New OwnedByPugs.com logo The old logo was OK, but it just wasn't pug enough for us. We are quite proud of the new logo and of our new site mascot. If you like our new pug style, be sure to check out our new store and the official OwnedByPugs.com merchandise.


Puglines is a new section of the site dedicated to providing timely pug and dog related information. The old version of the site had a few pug related news items on the homepage, but in the latest version of the site we have completed revamped the news section.

You can also stay up to date with Puglines postings by subscribing to the RSS feed.

Weekly Pug Archives

Each week we choose a picture from the gallery and display it throughout the site. Now you can see all of the featured pictures in the new Weekly Pug Archives. So, if you missed any of the weekly selections now is your chance to get caught up. Plus, now you can use your favorite feed reader and subscribe to the Weekly Pug feed so that you will always know when a new picture has been selected.

Pug Picture Gallery

Comments are back! The picture gallery now lets visitors who wish to comment on pictures to register as members of the site. Once registered, you may leave comments on the pictures in the gallery.

Don't want to register, no problem. You can still upload and view the pictures in the gallery. You just won't be able to leave comments.

Rescue Stories

New to the site is Rescue Stories, a section of the site devoted to sharing the stories of pugs that have been rescued. This section will give those that have rescued pugs a chance to share their pug's tale and give readers an idea of what life was like before and after their little pug was welcomed into its new forever home.

This section is open to submissions from everyone. So if you have rescued a pug and would like to share your Rescue Story send it our way!