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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Dog Park

Benjamin, Henry and Luna

After we shockingly made it unscathed to the Dog Park (see yesterday's post about the car ride on the way there), we leashed the puggers up and brought them to the fenced area. This Dog Park is divided between a big dog side and a little dog side. If there are little dogs on the little dog side then we typically play there accordingly. However, there were no little dogs this day. So, off to the big dog side we went.

As soon as we got in there, there were many large breed dogs that sniffed us out and expected us to be the usual mellow pugs we usually are. Well, this is the case for 2 of the 3 of us. Benjamin & Luna follow the pug stereotype pretty much to a T. However, Henry can get a little ornery if not shown the respect he thinks he deserves.

Well, of course this was almost immediately the case. Henry got relentlessly sniffed from head to tail by a large shaggy hair mixed breed. Well, Henry replied in his most heinous gargoyle voice and a toothy attempt at shaggy dog's neck. There a brief tussle and it was over as quickly as it began.

Benjamin & Luna had their own experiences to share, as well. Benjamin, who, we believe is beginning to demonstrate some signs of dementia, simply wandered off following a scent and then became "lost". Once he found the source of the scent he was appeased but then looked up and realized that his pack leader was not right behind him. Fortunately, Benny still responds to my whistle so as soon as he could spot my location based on my whistle he came marching back to his pack. (Funny side note, Benjamin is like the very old man driver that should no longer be driving and in all of his near misses of his own accident causes streams of accidents in his wake. While plodding back to the sound of the whistle, Benny caused a serious of dogs to take wide turns, sharp veers and leap over him as they youthfully played. They tumbled around him like puppies as Benjamin walked towards me completely oblivious to the busyness that was going on around him.)

This is Luna's tale, in her words:

"Family, today was cold. So, I am not sure why you chose to bring us to the center of Antarctica. I was freezing. Don't you know that I can barely see? Especially in the wind? The wind makes me squint. I tried to find a patch of sun away from the shade the trees were casting. I could not. So, I went to hide under the picnic table away from all the hustle and bustle. It was no warmer there. So, I decided the next person that leaves I'm leaving with her! I almost got away with that, too but you were supervising me too well so I had to stay in that cold place even longer. Sophie, my friend from the park wasn't even there. Another disappointment. You call this a forever home? Good grief. I think I will have to make a Facebook page and see if I can find somewhere further south to move in with since I can't take it here when it drops below 70. Today it was like half that! What the paw?"

Well, if you Luna tell it, it wasn't the best time but you take a peek at the photos and see what you think.

Benjamin and Henry



Benjamin, Henry and Luna

Sunday, January 2, 2005

Dog Park

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day and the boys and I decided to take advantage of the fantastic weather and spend some time at the dog park.

We are lucky enough to have two dog parks very close to our house. The first park is narrow and long and has a grass surface (well, now the park is mainly dirt). This park is only about two minutes from home. The second dog park is about ten minutes away and is a bit larger than the first. Instead of being grass its surface is made up of really tiny pebbles.

We decided to head to the dog park that is a bit farther away because the boys always seem to enjoy that park more. I’m really not sure why, you would think they would like running on the grass over running on the stones. But for some reason that is not the case!

Since it was such a beautiful day the park was very crowded. When we arrived there were about 25-30 dogs already there. It is always funny when we first go into the park. When new dogs arrive many of the dogs come up to the gate to form a “welcoming committee” for the new arrivals. So on our way into the park there was a crowd of dogs by the gate. But the boys just made their way into the pack and then Benjamin darts out of the crowd and is on his way running around the park with all of the dogs following him. I think his size really works to his advantage when in crowds. I’m pretty sure he just runs underneath all the other dogs and makes his way out.

The boys were very playful and were really working off some of that extra holiday energy. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures. I forgot to bring my camera! Bad mommy!


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