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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ink for Solsey

Sol Tattoo

A few weeks ago, I got a tattoo on my foot in memory of Sol. I decided to get it on my foot because Sol was always at my feet. I miss her in so many ways, but one of the times I miss her the most is when I am at work. Each workday, Sol parked herself at my feet while I worked at my desk. Often times she would lay on my feet or rest her head on the wheels of my office chair. Whenever I would look down, she would look up at my with her patented Solsey stare and I would pat her on the head and then return to work. I could never move my chair or my feet for that matter without taking a quick look to see if I was going to roll over her or kick her in the head.

And now, while at work, it is sad to look down and not see her there. But now, when I look down I can see Solsey's tattoo and smile.

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