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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All About Chewing

Henry chewing

Last week Darci & Abbey the pug wrote in wondering about chewing.  Abbey loves to chew and Darci was wondering if all pugs are avid chewers.  Three out of the four of my gang love to chew.  How about your pugs?  Do they like to chew and if so what is their favorite type of bone.

Looking forward to hearing all about the chewing habits of the pugs out there in OBP land grin

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Laura Lyall


Princess (apricot fawn) and Vada (black) LOVE to chew!!!  They especially like their bones that smell and taste like hickory, vanilla, and peanut butter.  They are bones that do not bleed on the furniture too!  They have been a wonderful find for my girls and give them HOURS of entertainment a day!

Sharon and Penny


Penny loves to chew.  Her favorite ‘chews’ are made of ostrich sinew but tend to be quite smelly!  Next in line are the rawhide bones or any of the rawhide shapes for that matter!  At least they don’t stink out the house and keep her busy for ages.  Being the rascal that she is, she really loves to chew on pens/pencils and most definitely art pastels!  This scares me so we have to be extra careful and make sure that they are well out of her reach at all times. She’s also crazy about soft toys!

Ivy M. Andrews


My pugs love to chew and prefer hoovies. I don’t give them rawhide because they try to swallow it the minute it gets soft. Hooves last forever and I don’t have to worry about choking as I throw them out when they get too small.



Romeo loves to chew his bully sticks, a find through your website.  He also has a soft chewy bone that he likes, but not as much as the bully sticks.  If given a chance he will chew and devour any form of paper, so I have to be very diligent.



Our maddie loves the busy rollhide chews. She sometimes just licks them, but easily chews them down to nothing. She also is fond of shoes, slippers,and occasionally likes to chew on wood. Usually she is very good, and sticks to the rollhide.



Sleighbelle does love to chew on rawhide bones, but like so many of our beloved pugs, she tries to swallow them when they get soft; so no more for her.  She does love her babies and sometimes, she gets in the “zone” and will chew an ear or tail till it is just hanging there.

Jennifer M. Davis


Jade will chew when we give her a knuckle bone or a pig’s ear.  She loves it.  But it makes her a bit territorial and as a result she isn’t so nice to the cat.  I think it’s funny but my boyfriend doesn’t so it’s just chewies for special occasions!

Lisa G


Yes, my pug Max loves to chew!
I started him on Nylabones when he was a puppy. He loves them! and they also help keep the teeth clean!

Lucy's Mommy


Lucy is a VERY strong chewer so she gets Nylabones-her favorite is the dinosaur but she has several different ones and they are all over the house! (Lots of fun when you step on one on your way to the bathroom at night!) We tried bully sticks but she chews them up and swallows them and then they come back up-EEEWWW! We do have to keep a close eye on her Nylabones and replace them when she starts to shred them.



Sadie also LOVES to chew. Her very favorite is the small dingo bones. But she will chew almost any any bone we give her. She doesn’t like the nylabones though. Tank her Miniture Pincher/Rat Terrier brother is a super strong chewer so Sadie has had to learn to protect her chewies because he loves to chew his up and then sneak up on her and steal hers away!



Indy loves her keys! And of of course they both love bully sticks and randmon twigs they find out side.
Gus will chew anything, i have caught him walking up to the coffee table and opening his mouth to gnaw on the corners.



Sassy loves her bones.  She has three that she will rotate around. She is really happy when she actually gets someone (her daddy) to hold the bone for her while she chews…



Wow! What doesn’t my Lucy love to chew? Her favorite chew used to be my high heels, thank goodness she’s over that. Now she just grabs them (she can open the sliding glass door to my closet) to get my attention and then drops them with that play with me look in her eyes.

Now Lucy loves her hard rubber bone and her bully sticks. Oh, and there has been an occasional cell phone



My youngest, Ginger, is a strong chewer (she’s the one who “guts” the stuffed animals!!). I give them Nylabones, and the occasional rawhide, and hooves. I only buy Made in USA rawhide, but unfortunately they’re hard to find sometimes! China, Columbia, Taiwan, etc don’t treat their dogs like we do, so I fear what they might put in their rawhides.



Mr. Skittles likes to chew on nylabones, but you have to watch out, as sometimes he chews the ends into sharp pieces, so we replace these very often.  He likes for someone to hold the end (silly pup). After breakfast he gets a denta stick (I tell him he is brushing his teeth)which he devours!! If our daughter leaves anything interesting laying around her room, he will come tearing out of her room with said item in his mouth, with a “play with me” look!!
He will pick up wood pieces from the wood bin and sometimes chew on the wood - which I don’t like!!



Lily, the baby fawn is a big chewer! She knows to go and get a good chewie out of the toybox at night and snuggle up on the couch.
Lucy is not a chewer, she is a licker. She licks everything, even the couch.
Lacy is not a chewer either, she has no teeth. Previous owners abused her. However, she loves to gather up abandoned chewies off the floor and carry them back to her bed. At any given time, she will have 7-10 chewies in her bed. We figure she is just keeping an eye on them grin



Clover loves dingo bones with the meat in them.  She begs for them, we will ask her “bone?” and she’ll run to the pantry.  She will chew them but then once she’s done, she’s done and it’s “old” and won’t chew it again.  Sometimes we have to give her 3 at night depending on the “quality” of the bone. smile  I had to start buying them on petedge in bulk because she goes through so many,



Macy loves to chew, but nothing but her bones. We never had a problem with her chewing household items or shoes, things like that. It is strictly her plush babies and chewsticks.



My Jenny loves to chew also. We can’t give anything edible or she will sit there and eat the whole thing, no matter what it is or how large. Because of this she gets nyla bones of many shapes and sizes and marrow bones. She also loves to destuff her kongs or genius toy which she only gets whenever she is crated. This makes her LOVE her crate.

You blog has the BEST photos btw.



Bijou loves to chew and has since she was a young pup. We tried several different bones over the years until we found one that could last at least a month. The ones we found are called Nylabone Double Action Chews and we buy them by the case now. We call it her teether and she only does her chewing at bedtime, which in the beginning was quiet annoying, but now not so much. It calms her down somehow and then she passes out.

Lauren Patrizi


My ernie who is about 11 weeks old bites and chews everything!! My parents have a female, stella, who likes to chew, but not nearly as much as him.  A note on the rawhides—-be careful where you get them from!  A friend of mine got a few from farm and fleet and they gave stella very bad seizures and she almost died!  We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her, we thought she had Pug dog encephalitis, but we tied together that it was the rawhides that were giving her mild to very serious seizures. We think there must be formaldehyde in the rawhide.  I would advise against them and would never get my ernie one just because I am extra cautious.

I got ernie some nylabones which he loves, but he also loves that long weiner dog soft toy chew from petsmart.  He drags “Tofu” around with him everywhere.

Kiss from Ernie!!!

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