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Monday, March 29, 2010

Benny’s Birthday Fun


On Saturday we had a lot of fun spoiling our new 8 year old. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the day got off to a slow start so we spent some time outside, in the yard, soaking up the sun and enjoying the weather.

After that I took Benny on a little walk all by himself. I think he really liked that. He loves to walk with the others, but sometimes I think they all enjoy getting to go out by themselves.

Later that day, Benny took a little nap while we went out and hunted for his favorite bone. For some reason, we haven't been able to find them recently. After a couple of stops we finally found them and bought all they had so Benny would have a little stockpile.

We debated on what to have for dinner but then settled on pizza because pizza crust is pretty high up on Benny's favorite treats list. He seemed to like his pizza crust and after about an hour we gave him his favorite peanut butter bone that he hasn't had in about 6 months or more (Henry & Luna also got a peanut butter bone to chew). This made him really excited and he chewed for the rest of the night.

Needless to say, by about 10 PM we had one tired pug on our hands.

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Happy Birthday Benny!!  Sounds like you had the perfect celebration!

sue s


Dear Benny, Looks like you partied hardy! Hope you had FUN-FUN-FUN-now it’s time for a NAP-NAP-NAP! Beauty is also a March Puggie she turned 2 March 3rd. Happy Brithday wishes to all OBPers celebrating March B’Days! April 25th will be my sermon on SOl-will type it up and post as soon as possible. Pug-hugs from the Colorado 3



I missed yesterday’s post, and just now read your Alphabet Biography that your mama wrote for you!  It was just wonderful, and so are you!  I hope you had a very, very Happy Birthday!
Martha and Bennie



A belated happy birthday to Benny. He is so precious. Luke and Genevieve will both turn 8 this yr. They are still the apples of my eye. I was busy with birthday business all weekend as today is my youngest daughter’s birthday. We had brisket and all the trimmings, with lemon pound cake for dessert.
(her favorite) Much love and best wishes from Central Texas to Benny and his brother and sister. I know Henry’s bd will be soon?
Am I right?



Baby Benny, what a fantastic birthday you had.  You had nice weather and time alone with Mom.  It must be nice to have her all to yourself sometimes. I am so happy you finally got your favorite bone…six months is a long time to wait, especially for a little pug.  I know how hard you must have chewed on that bone…until you fell into a happy, exhausted sleep.



I am so glad Benny had a special birthday and his favorite bone he does look tired in his picture one of my boxers Jasper turned 6 on march 22 my puggys birthdays start next month right into august they will all be sixdon’t really know about oliver though as he was a stray that I adopted in june he looks around 8 so I will celabrate in june when I got him



What happened to your cake, Benny?  Did you huff and puff or was the peanut butter bone better than having one?  Alone-time with Mom is the greatest, isn’t it.

Abby always has to have her daily lap-time with me or she pouts, scrunched up on her cushion in the crate and won’t let brother Cooper or Huckleberry (the cat) into the “family” crate at all.

A special Pug Hug and kiss on top of your precious wrinkles.

Hellen Norton


Benny know your BD (Big Day) was great. Have many more beautiful puggie.
Grannie Pug, GiGi and Gwen



Benny, is that a “fun hangover” I see on your sweet face?  Your birthday sounds wonderful…great for pug or human.  Sleighbelle loves her some pizza crust too!
Here’s to 8 more fabulous years!



Benny, what a perfect celebration for a perfect pug!  Pizza crust is a favorite here too!!  Love to you Handsome Boy.  Get some rest now that you have partied hard!

Tammy & Lily


Pug hugs and kisses to you Benny from Lily for your birthday.  She thinks you are pretty cute!



Ahhh, he had a great birthday!!!!



That sounds like great fun for everyone!  Glad Benny had such a wonderful birthday smile  Happy Birthday again, Benny!



so sorry benny i’m a little behind here my pugs and i hope you had a very nice birthday you are a handsome little man.

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