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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caption This #198

Benjamin and Cupid

Another shot from the archives. Looking forward to your captions in the comments.

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“MOM!! Cupid is in my basket!!  Get her out!!”

...  mew, meew… Benny , I am here… you will have to share this spot or ...sigh… or leave.  I prefer you to leave… so I am staying right here.

too Funny… Benny wants the spot all to himself, no sharing with Cupid.

Such cuties!!



Ha, love it Pat!

I don’t have a witty quote, but I do think Cupid and Mr. Benjamin look like two powerful CEO’s in this pic!!  I wouldn’t mess with those bosses!

Love them…Cupid is sooo beautiful - just love her colors.  Big kisses to all!

Thanks for everyone’s nice words re: Baxter.  We head back to Boston (tired of driving!!! AHHHHH) today for a 2:50 peeper check-up.  Pray for us that he is even better than before and that we get a break from peeper appointments for the near future, puuuhhhlease!!  grin



Pat, that is funny and I have a little different perspective.

Cupid - what is this dog doing here?  Get rid of him.

Benny - I don’t want this cat up here, but I’m afraid to make a move.  Help!!!

Elizabeth, hope you received good news today, and that you don’t have to keep making the long drived.

I had to take Minnie (min pin/chi) to the vet this morning because she was hobbling on three legs.  X-rays revealed she has two broken toes on her left front foot.  How this happened I haven’t got a clue.  I never hear her yelp, can’t think of any way she injured herself.  The only way I knew she was in pain was her sporadic panting.  Her foot has been splinted and she is bandaged up to her shoulder.  I have to be very careful she doesn’t get this wet (with the heat and dry weather, don’t think that will be a problem).



Cupid:  “I don’t care how long it takes, I’m not getting down before he does!”

Benjamin:  “I don’t care how long it takes, I’m not getting down before she does!”

Rosemary Slama


Of course I share, but I get the window seat!



neither Benny or Cupid look very happy with the other

this mourning I could not comment it kept saying something was invalid looks like it is working now



Sue, i had the same problem yesterday!!!



Ya, I’m a PUG, a PUG!!!  So WHAT is this CAT doing here?  ( a beautiful cat, but still a CAT)

Mary M.


Cupid sez:  Why do I feel like Big Brother is Watching??

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