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Friday, September 16, 2011



Another reason I think Benjamin loves to sit on his pile of pillows is to be closer to the cat's food. The smell of yummy cat food wafting from the cat's spot on the counter always torments Benny. The pillows bring him closer to the yumminess, but yet he is still so far, far away. Poor Benny!

Have a great weekend everyone! Don't forget to get your photos submitted to the 2012 Calendar Contest by Saturday.

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You’re a silly boy, Benjamin!  Kitty food is for kitties!  Big kisses to the gang.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  It’s supposed to be chillier here…perfect pug weather!

mary castagnoli


Wishes for bowls of yummies, cool walks and warm laps for all OBP-ers and their puggers this weekend.

Hellen, I hope you have Peanut back w/you very soon.



So cute Benny. Maybe one more pillow will help. Although you might want to face the other direction. Good Luck.

We had a cat growing up (and his name was Henry!) and he was orange and looked like Morris the cat. Anyone remember him? Anyway, my Mom put his food and water on top of the fridge. Thats were he ate so the dogs couldn’t get his food. So funny now that I think about it.

Stay warm OBP’ers or stay cool if you’re too hot!

Hellen still praying for Peanut’s safe return. God Bless.

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip



Helen, I just saw about Peanut.  How devastating.  Prayers going up for Peanut’s safe return!!!



Why is cat food so appealing to dogs?  I think it must be the smell.  Benny, poor baby, there is no way you are going to reach Cupid’s food, but I’m sure that’s not going to stop you from trying.

Hellen, still praying for you, your granddaughter and poor little Peanut, that he returns safe and sound.

So far, a quiet weekend in store for us…yay.  Hope everyone’s weekend is joyous.



Gee Corrine.  Why do you have to put Cupid’s food up so high anyway?  hehe

Poor, poor Benny.  I’ll bet Cupid’s even neat and doesn’t drop food on the floor.  It’s so sad, Benny, isn’t it!



Poor Benny so close yet so far away
hope everyone has a great weekend and Helen hope peanut gets home safe

pug mama


Benny, Benny, Benny, you silly boy, cat food is for cats.  To my human nose, dog food smells better than cat food anyways, so you get the better end of the deal, though I understand why you think Cupid gets something better, being served on the counter and all. 

Hellen, praying for Peanut’s safe return <3

Hellen Nortonh


O Benny, It is true that what you cannot have YOU want the most!!!!

Still no Peanut!! Granddaughter took posters to the local vet and we are going to mail out ones to vets in the area.

ALL so plan to mail out to ALL the Oregon vets, hang up in stores, etc. I really miss him at night. Since GiGi has been gone he would lay on a blanket next to my bed and often jump on bed at night for pets and hugs.



Hellen, I am still praying for you and Peanut.

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