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Friday, December 3, 2010

Cold Front


A cold front moved through the other day, so we are having what most people would consider fantastic winter weather. To Floridians, though, it is chilly.

Henry was on the couch minding his business, but I thought I would have a little fun with him and bundle him up in the blanket. He didn't care that I was covering him up. Henry is very good that way. He will let you pose or pretty much do anything you want to him. Anything, except cutting his toenails. That is where he draws the line

Enjoy the weekend!

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It looks, perhaps, as if he thinks you might send him to snowy New York and he wants to be prepared…pillows - check, blankets - check, Pugkin bread - WHERE?

Huckle &
the Swamp Pugs



love the comment huckle.. too cute!

Henry , you ol’ cuddlepug.. love ya!

Enjoy the weekend everyone.. count down?? Three fridays left and it is Christmas Eve!



Ha, love it Huckle!

Henry, is there room under there for me?  I would love to cuddle with you Handsome!

Pat, don’t remind me…only 3?!?!?!  YIKES!

Have a great weekend all.

Much love and puggie snorts from Heather, Baxter, and Cole



Me thinks Henry is thoroughly enjoying the attention and the warmth, as he looks very content.  And Henry, Romeo goes to my groomer for nail trim for various reasons, but there is one groomer he really likes and she can cut his nails with no fuss…boy was I surprised.

If you are in snow covered areas, be careful; cold, stay warm.  And most of all, cuddle up with those pugs.



Henry’s such a sweetie!

And Pat!  You’re right!!  Panic time!!!



Henry looks so warm and cozy snuggled up in the blanket I am with you Corrine its to darn cold not chilly here in Florida only 41 this mourning here in Tampa but I must say the gang love going out in this weather all but my peke the princess she looks at me as if to say are you kidding me you want me to go out and freeze have a great weekend everyone in OBP land



Brrrr…snuggle up Henry. It’s 29 right now in Omaha and it’s windy so it feels colder. Today’s high is supposed to be 40. Welcome to winter in Nebraska. I don’t mind it though. It’s kind of cozy. Pip is snuggling in right next to the floor vent. He is lovin’ the heater!

Pug hugs from Gina & Pip

Jennifer Davis


Oh Hank, you are so handsome, you do not need those blankets to adorn you! 

He is such a cute snuggle bunny.  Maybe he needs easter ears!

Karen B.


This is how I leave C.J. and Toeby every morning…They are snuggled into the fuzzy blanket with Daddy in the bed…I have to go to work but I’d much rather crawl back in bed with my babies!  I will get pics sent one day, I’m such a procrastinator!



I love a roasty, toasty pug!  I cover Sleighbelle up and she loves it.  She loves to burrow her face into the folds of the blanket.

Hellen Norton


Henry you are one really smart puggie!! A warm blanket..after a warm snack, is the ONLY way for a cold puggie!!!!



Awww Hank . . . you make me wanna curl up around you and share that blankie.

My mom ordered me an OBP calendar and I’m so excited! It’s going on my bedroom wall above my computer where I can always see our furbabies’ shining faces!



looks so comfy it’s that way at my home as it’s frigid here it’s the good ole northeast!



Henry, you look so comfy and cute!  Stay warm little ones.

sue s


Love you Henry, you are always too cute. As for my little puggers- when we get the fire going in the wood stove, they all relax sprawled out on the floor-and my lap gets a break! Pug hugs from the Colorado 5 P.S., does anyone have a great idea for getting nails trimmed? It’s like world war 3 when it’s time to cut nails!

Marynell Saunders


My bugsy loves to sleep under the covers in bed. He is a very unusual pug in that he is the only one I’ve ever had (He’s the 7th) that will allow you to cut his toenails!  I just go out on the deck and lay him on his side and cut them. Normal pugs take 3 people to cut them!!



Marynell, Bugsy is a good boy.  Taking three people to cut pug nails was my Romeo until I took him to my groomer one day.  He sits very calmly for her and it’s over in no time, and she charges less than my vet. It’s a miracle.

Marynell Saunders


Sue - it is truly a miracle when pugs allow toenail trims. My daughter’s pug takes an act of congress to cut his nails.  He’s even tried to bite - that is as much as a pug can bite.  Glad to hear Bugsy and Romeo share the trait!!

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