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Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Last week we showed off Luna’s new sundress and we were wondering if you dress your pug up.  Let us know by voting in our latest poll.

Do you dress up your pug?

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Courtney H


My pug, Bandit, has a basket of clothes that sit out on the floor and every morning he goes to the basket and pulls out something to wear, sits on my lap and drops the shirt in my hand so I can dress him. I think he’s a human inside a little pug body…

Hannah G


My pug Alfie is a gorgous friendly dog he love’s children and walks, he’s ded funny and playful and he sumtimes jumps up and scratchs the tv he gets told off but he stares at u with his big brown eye’s so we forgive him and he give’s you lots of kisses i love him soo much bye xxx



My pug alfie is my darling baby.He jumps on my bed every morning, waiting for me to get up.He taps my arm with his paw to get attention, as soon as he see’s his harness and lead,he jumps on the dining chair while you put it on for him. I love him to bit,s.



i love pug

alfred angelo


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