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Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Sol, Benjamin and Henry

I know today is not our normal flashback day, but I wanted to share this picture of Sol and the boys to celebrate St. Patrick's day. Sol was never one for dressing up, but she sure could rock a bandana.

On a sadder note, March 8th marked the 4th anniversary of Sol's passing to the Rainbow Bridge. In many ways it doesn't seem like that long ago. Of the pugs, I think Luna misses Sol the most. Which is odd because I was worried about how two alpha females would get along, but they got along fantastic. Sol had a calming effect on Luna and helped Luna let go of a lot of her nervous energy. I don't know how Sol did it, but somehow she managed to communicate and let Luna know that all was ok and that she could just relax. In teaching her that great lesson, Sol always taught Luna a few tricks on how to always get her way. I'm thankful for the first gift Solsey, but I could have lived without you sharing your knowledge on how to always get what you want. wink

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sue wooding


I lost my Cuddles March 8 I am sure Sol along with all our other fur babies was there to greet him I miss him so much

Sue VDB and Annnie Fannie


Sue, I didn’t make the connection on the loss of your Cuddles until now.  Again, I am so sorry…for both losses.

Sol’s stay at OBP was brief, but I am convinced she was there for a reason, and that was to help Luna, even if one of the ways she helped was not what was wanted.  It has made Luna what she is and would you really change anything?

Sol made an everlasting impression on the hearts of many.  She was certainly one of a kind and is still sadly missed.

Sue States


Sol and her brothers rockin the green. Sol was /is a very special lady indeed. Sue, I’m sure Cuddles was a very special pug-gent,too. Somehow as anniversaries come we revisit the memories, but also the pain of loss. March 31st will be the anniversary of my sweet Buttons going to the rainbow bridge. Gone, but never forgotten. Glad OBP is back! Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 2



Happy St. Puggy’s Day everyone!
Such a sweet pic of Sol and the Boys.  She taught us all lessons thru your stories, we love and miss her so much xo bunches Solsey!

brenda in texas


I love this picture.  That green bandana just set Sol off. Hard to believe it’s been 4 yrs.  My Luke will be gone 4 yrs in July and Sir Luke died back in Oct. It was sudden and really hit me hard.  He was sick just one day. I am so thankful he didn’t suffer any longer. My thoughts will be with all of you today



Happy St. Puggies to you all!!!  Hard to believe sweet Sol has been gone 4 years..



Thank you for posting this beautiful picture again!

Solsey made a huge impression on everyone, didn’t she?  I am always happy when I think of her, and the lesson she taught Luna, is a good one for all of us ♥  (The one everything being okay and it’s good to relax—not the one about getting our own way!)

So good thoughts to each and every one of us today.  We all miss Sol, and I think it’s safe to say we all miss beloved dogs of our own who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  God bless all of us!

Sue VDB and Annnie Fannie


Martha, well stated. ♥



Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all——- love the the picture and learning about Solsey!!!! Sorry to hear about Cuddles.
Glad OBP is back——- you were missed last week!

Jennifer Moulton


Man, that little gal was one special pug.  I find it hard to believe it has been 4 years.  Smooches and licks from Pink and Jade and your NH family!



4 years!!!! wow…..loved that little gal!! miss her alot!!



Miss Sol and really can’t fathom it’s been 4 years…is that possible?!

Mary M


Such a great St. Paddy’s Day picture.  So bittersweet to read again about sweet Sol; you are so missed, sweet baby!



Has it really been 4 years already?  I always loved hearing about Sol.  What a great little lady she was and how lucky we all were that you shared her with us.

Love the picture of her with the boys.  Classic.  Hope all the pugs had a happy St. Paddy’s day this year!

Julie L.


I don’t comment as often as some…but I just flipped thru the week of blog posts, and I just wanted to leave a “generic” comment that I love your puggy family!  Sol too.  smile  Thank you for sharing them with us.

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