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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Take That Back

Benjamin and Henry

In our house, if you unscrew the lid of the peanut butter jar, 3 pugs will magically appear at your feet. They love, love, love peanut butter and while we give them a kong stuffed with peanut butter from time to time, they certainly don't get one every time someone removes the lid to the peanut butter.

The other night, I opened the peanut butter and the pugs were instantly looking up at me, pleading for a kong. I was in a bit of a rush, so I didn't really have time to dig the kongs out and stuff each one with peanut butter. So, I took a paper plate, cut it into 3 pieces and put a clump of peanut butter on the plates and let the pugs have at it.

At first they were chasing the peanut butter plates all over the place and then Henry had the bright idea to stand on his plate so it would stop moving. I remarked that Henry is the only smart one in the bunch and we laughed as Benjamin & Luna were getting their fair share of exercise while Henry was standing still and gobbling up his peanut butter.

A few minutes later we look over and see that Henry has finished his peanut butter and is now eating his paper plate. Yup, so much for Henry being the smart one of the bunch.

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Henry:  But Mom it still has peanut butter taste on it, and I don’t want to waste one little spec.



...lol… too funny… I am sitting here in tears of laughter!! 
Thanks for making my day!!  xo



Henry, nice skills handsome!  You had the perfect plan to lap up all the peanut butter yumminess!  I hope you discovered the plate wasn’t nearly as tasty! 

Luna and Ben, you may have a good idea too…exercise the calories away while consuming them.  I do believe this means I will be jogging with a bag of chips tonight.  Thanks for the inspiration!  LOL



Again Corrine thanks for my mourning laugh and smile I can just picture Henry trying to eat his dish and Benny and Luna chasing there plates every so often I will get the gang this frozen treat it comes in little cups and I love watching them trying to lick it clean they get a lot of exercise from it



Again our pugs come through with wonderful entertainment for “our viewing pleasure”!

Heather, that is a FANTASTIC idea!  I’ll join you! 
Do you think Pringles would be a good choice for us so the container will keep the chips from crumbling with all of our intense jostling around?



that is funny as i’ve done things with paper plates but,now cannot use as one pug started eating it so now paper plates are off limits lol.They are so funny though we love you guys.



Martha, I like how you think as we both know that protecting the chip integrity is of utmost importance!!!  Oh how I love chips…..DROOL



Corrine - what a fit of laughter you induced.  And Heather - how funny.  Everyone in OBP land must be a certified comic.

44 F and Sunny.  Spring is in the air.  Cooper even brought us in a tree limb from the fenced in backyard.  The fact that WE have no trees is a bit worrisome.

Today we had a fight over a treat.  Anyone with multiple dogs probably have had that happen.  There is no love lost between Georgie and Cooper (who BTW has had three connected days and nights of no inside poo) so when Georgie had a treat and was being threatened by Cooper who almost fell on top of Georgie from his perch on the chair.  I could see that ending badly

Georgie was really upset so he started barking at Cooper (2 barks and then a howl nearly lifting his front legs in the air with the effort).  And then he repeated it and by now we were in stitches watching him.  Somehow, my husband thought it would be funny to howl back to Georgie to keep him howling.  Which he did.  Over and over these two amused themselves.  I couldn’t tell who was the Pug they were both so good at it.



Huckle, what a great story.  Can I please be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS COOPER on three consecutive no-poopy-accident days!!!  Cooper, you must now tell mom you are NOT a pooper, but quite the trooper to be so persistent with your lesson on poop going outside!  Good job cutie!  *giggle*



Maybe he needed a little fiber wink

pug mama


Benny and Luna, it’s ok, any calories you consume while exercising don’t count =)

Marlene's Mom


It’s like magic, isn’t it, the way the pugs pop up at the most opportune times? Marlene always comes rushing when she hears the unwrapping of cheese for the loading of a dirty dishwasher.



Bugsy comes running when he hears the microwave on.  He thinks it’s popcorn, cuz his daddy always shares his popcorn with he and his sheltie/corgi sister, Gracie.  Bugs gets very disappointed when the microwave produces something other than wonderful, tasty popcorn!!



LMAO!!! Eating the paper plate….Otis would do that, forget the peanut butter!

This is exactly the type of thing I needed to read today smile



In belgium we have Lotus speculoospasta. Its like peanutbutter But made of speculooscookies. Now I’ve Heard They Will start selling in america soon! Hope you let The pugs, and yourselves, let this try Too! Its sooooo yummie!

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