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Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Luna was happily chewing her bone in the living room when someone walked into the kitchen. Not wanting to overreact and lose her bone to one of her brothers, Luna continued to chew the very tippy top of her bone and cast a discerning eye toward the kitchen.

If just Luna was chewing it, a bone of this size, would last Luna a lifetime. I would say she is more of a nibbler than a chewer. But even though she doesn't make much progress when chewing she loves to spend a little time each night nibbling away.

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Looks like she’s wondering if there’s going to be any other goodies for her.Mine will do that also they won’t really stop what their doing but,you can just feel those eyes as they are watching.



Pretty in Pink Miss Luna.  Looks like you have a great grip on that yummy bone sweetheart!  I love when they nibble…too cute!  You’re smart though…watch out for those bros…you know they love a good chew too!

sue s


Luna You are an absolute Lady nibbling so delicately and casting a glance like the true princess you are!Now where’s that tierra?!! Will be away for a few days so- Pug-hugs, and a Blessed Easter and Pass Over to all from the Colorado3!



What a precious picture!  She does seem to have a death grip on her bone but will curiosity bet the better of her?

Pug Hug from Abby and I!



I love how dainty Luna is.  My Romeo would be attacking that bone full force.  Whatever was going on in the kitchen must not have been worth leaving that precious bone.



This is one of my favs of Luna!  The expression on her face conveys so much!  What a dainty little nibbler.



you are a cutey Luna nibbling your bone and on the alert someones in the kitchen maybe somethings better I know my pugs have radar when it comes to the kitchen even if they are in a sound sleep if I am in the kitchen all five have to be there with the boxers following behind and annabelle my peke well she is the princess of the house does her own thing

Karen B


Wow, looks, brains and able to multitask!  I wish I had all that!!



Luna, you are a smart cookie to let those boys be the “hunters/gatherer’s”!  Let them do the recon, circling the kitchen…if they find something worthwhile they will give you the “come and get it” alert!  Why stop nibbling when you really don’t have to?  You have those silly ole boys trained really well!  Luna rocks!

Hellen Norton


Bless you Luna, you are one bautiful blessed puggie.
People that love you, give you a loving home. I love to chew but a real bone is not on my diet.
Aren’t our familes great!!!
GiGi..a happy, much loved, Pugheart adopted very old Pug.



Oh Luna, I just love how dainty you are in all that you do!



Okay, if there’s another treat coming my way, it’s snatch n grab, gulp, and quickly back to bone nibbling.  wink

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