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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

National Popcorn Day


We just found out about National Popcorn Day. From the brief research we have done, many say the exact date of National Popcorn Day is unknown, although many celebrate it on Jan 19th.

If we missed the official day or not, the pugs were not about to let National Popcorn Day go by uncelebrated. They LOVE popcorn so in honor of the holiday we made a bag of popcorn last night.



They would have ate the whole bag if we let them, but they were forced to share with their humans.

Does your pug like popcorn?

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Romeo loves popcorn. In fact that is the only thing he really begs for…probably because he is allowed to have on occasion. 

Luna is so patiently waiting.  Benny has a longing look in his eyes.  And Henry, he looks like a wild man snatching up that delicacy.



oh i just love sweet luna she is so beautiful as it looks everyone enjoyed their popcorn we love popcorn to as i order the gourmet popcorns to it don’t last long.Hugs to you all.



My pugs Lola and Ellie love popcorn.  I think Lola likes it more though.



My pug Sonny thinks he likes it…he must like the smell of it, but he will spit it out every time! And then look at me, as if to say, “try again!”

Denise" Ridener


Joey & Roxie love popcorn, of course there isn’t much they don’t like except lettuce and bananas Those they play with and spit it out! Yuck!



These pictures are absolutely adorable…I love them!  The boys like popcorn, but they have to be in the mood for it.  Sometimes, they could care less.  LOL You’ve given me a good idea for my last free night before classes start again, Corrine…popcorn and movie night!  Kisses to you Henry, Ben, and Luna.



my puggsie loves goes crazy over popcorn, he hears the popper come out of the cupboard and the popcorn out with it and goes crazy dancing around the kitchen until it is all popped and ready for him to share with us.



What an adorable picture of Luna!

  My Toby loves popcorn! I don’t have it too often.



I love those pictures! They all look adorable! Pip LOVES popcorn. LOVES IT! We are all popcorn hounds in this house! My husband loves it and makes it on the stove almost every night. Now my girls love it, I love it and of course, Pip loves it!!

pug hugs to all from Gina & Pip

sue s


Daisey the boston and Beauty mama pug enjoy pop corn, haven’t tried it on the little kids Proto & Solsie-guess I don’t want to be fetching husks from their mouths! These are great pics of Luna, Benny & Henry-love the expression on Henry’s face-such anticipation-Carly Simon circa 1960’s(?). Pug hugs from the Colorado 5



MMMM POPCORN!  Mom can every night be National Popcorn Day??  Maybe some popcorn company will let us be offical testers?  Wea re real good at it!!

Love their expressions, those pugcorn babies!

Hellen Norton


Luna has a worried look..looks lik she is tring to figure if you use a paw or dump it on the floor and pick it up!! Ben and Henry look like pro popcorn eaters!!

It is so cold this morning I had a cup of hot coco. Still not up to doing much. Everytime I think the flu bug is gone….another one bites me!!!

Mailed an order for two calendars..hang on to 2 for me!



OMG….April nailed it!!!! Coco thinks she likes it, and sometimes she even does like it, but most times she chews it forever and then spits it out and looks at me like….I’m ready for more!!!! Luna is absolutely adorable!!!!Freezing cold here in MD today….thick coating of ice on the ground…with lots of snow to follow!!!!BRRRRRRRRRR!!!!



Bugsy LOVES popcorn!!! He can catch it out of the air when it’s tossed at him.  We used to have a pug named Dixie who would sit in front of the microwave any time it was running because she thought there’d be popcorn when it went “ding”!!

Karen B.


C.J. and Toeby LOVE popcorn! All they need to hear is the cellophane crinkle as the bag is unwrapped!  Then, all hell breaks loose when the microwave dings! C.J. is more the “desperate wildman” variety and can catch it in the air really well…Toeby is more content to casually eat it at his own leisurely pace unless C.J., the food vacuum, snatches it away first!



I love the pictures of Benny Henry and Luna Luna looks like she is ready to eat the whole bowl and Henry ready to snatch it while Benny sits and waits my gang love popcorn to but then they love any kind of food

pugmama glad Abby had a nice birthday party sounds like it was a lot of fun



Sleighbelle LOVES popcorn!  She looks like Henry when she is going for a kernel!  We have a place close by that does nothing but popcorn and has all these crazy flavors, but I stick to the cheddar or the regular.  Sleighbelle’s fav is the cheddar.



Yes, Bennie goes cuckoo for popcorn.  But he goes cuckoo for practically everything!  When I’m making a salad, he sits and begs for lettuce.  And eats it, too, when I give it to him!



What personality these Pugs of ours display.  Enjoyed hearing everyone’s “popcorn” tales.  Abby just licks the popcorn (for the salt I guess) but won’t eat either.  And…a Pug catching popcorn from the air…WOW.  My three haven’t a clue.

pug mama


LOL-Too Cute!!!!!

Miss Abby-Dabby’s senior belly can’t tolerate corn, so no popcorn for her, though she definitely liked it when she was younger.  Especially with cheesey flavoring!!!

Ok, here is something I need your help with, well Kiley and AMOS the pug need your help.  Corrine gave me permission to say something.  Now through February 4th there is voting here:  http://contest.kob.com/engine/Details.aspx?p=V&c=24573&s=6445900&i=1#SD for my friend Kiley’s little pug Amos, to win a prize and possible have the chance to be featured on a New Mexico lottery ticket.  If I know the OBP followers, you peeps can move mountains when it comes to anything pug.  So, I am hoping that with anyone that would like to, would go to that site, and you can vote once per day, every day til February 4th, after registering first, to get Amos up there in the votes so he has a chance of winning.  Seems like he has quite a lot of competition so he really needs your votes, one per person per day.  When I told Kiley about this site, she was very excited, so I think she may come check it out smile



Adorable pictures!!  I love how little Luna’s foot is up like she’s going to get her own popcorn.  My beloved Milo did not like popcorn at all but my little CoCo loves it and patiently waits for some each time I eat it.

Patty B.


Popcorn and spaghetti - top 2 on the list for Rocky, Adrian and Gulliver!

pug mama


*sniff*  Solsie moment, “Sol” Loved Spaghetti!!!  Miss you angel, I’m sure you would have loved to be in on the popcorn action too <3



Hooie and Tina LOVE Popcorn!  I call it Pugcorn because even the sound of it popping makes them very excited because they know its coming:)



pug mama, have voted for Amos and have it saved in my browser bar to remind me every day.  The only thing is there were several pugs up for this contest…oh my.

pug mama


Kiley, Amos and I thank you soooooo much Sue VDB !!!  Thanks for taking the time to register, and that you will go back and vote every day :D

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