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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Night Owl


For the last few months we have been noticing a trend with Luna. Specifically, that you have to drag Luna out of bed in the morning. She has no interest in anything going on around the house that happens before 10am. And why is Luna so tired in the morning? Because she stays up all night chewing!

Well, not all night because we take her bone away from her when we go to bed, but from 9pm to 11:30ish each night, you can find Luna chewing one of her bones.

The boys are usually sawing logs by 8:30pm, but little Luna, she is just getting started at that time of night. You can even see Henry sleeping in the foreground of the picture while Luna steady chews.

Whoever named Luna could not have picked a better name her because after dark she is the only one stirring around here.

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Too too funny!  Miss Luna, that is quite a lot of chewing pretty girl!  It must feel so good on your lil’ teeth.  Next time I’m burning the midnight oil, I’ll be thinking of you chewing!  Bone appetite lovely lady!



miss Luna looks like she has her eyes closed while she is chewing is she napping and chewing at the same time? she is one pretty puggy

sue s


Oh sweet Luna-how funny are you? I am with the boys-9:00 to bed, 9:30 sawing logs! Of course, I am up early too-oh well to each her own. Love you little lady! Pug-hugs from the COlorado 3

Marlene's Mom


She’s so pretty! I love watching pugs chew!



Sweet Luna, when did you become a night owl, or have you always been one?  Maybe you think that is the only time you can have quiet time with your bones, and you no longer have to be alert for some treats coming your way.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes.  I went back to the doc this morning to have the eye patch removed and everything looks good, some small improvement in the vision, and I go back in a week. 

And yes, Corrine, Romeo took very good care of me.  He was either snuggled up close to me or somewhere on the couch keeping close tabs, unless he was snoring, of course, and if I moved about the house he was right with me.

Karen B


First of all, Sue VDB, glad to hear all is going well!  Wishing you a very speedy recovery and to Romeo…Gooboy!

Nothing wrong with being a night owl!  When we’re young it’s pretty common and then middle age hits and it’s lights out!!!  Chew on, little Luna!  Happy day to all!

Hellen Norton


Oh Luna how precious you are. Seems you love napping and chewing. Love you little one.



So happy all is well with *your* peepers Sue VDB!  I’m sure Romeo was an awesome nurse puggie!!



ah Miss Luna.. sometimes we need something relaxing before we go to bed.  It would appear that bone chewing, without the interruption of your brothers, is your quiet time!

Sue VDB.. Glad to hear that things appear well with your surgery.  I find it very comforting to hear that beautiful puggy snore when laying on the sofa!!
Enjoy the rest and relaxation.



Oh Sweet Luna-I barely know you and yet I love you so. My pug and I are not night owls…come to think of it, we aren’t morning people either. smile Enjoy your bones sweet girl.

Gina & Pip



Luna looks as if she is daring someone to come near while she is having such a good time.

Sue VDB - glad to hear you will soon be “normal”!  (I meant that in a kind way)



Luna is so sweet as my darla is like that she sleeps good all night just she’s not a morning person as she lounges in bed till around 10:00 they are what i call lounge puggies.Hello to the gang there your a cutie luna.

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