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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not Luna This Time

Luna, Benjamin and Henry

The boys have much practice posing for photos and are quite used to the sitting still and knowing the level of expectation when it comes to photo opportunities. Luna, on the other hand is a wiggle worm and tends to ruin many a photogenic moment. In this rare case seen here, Benjamin is the one that makes the picture a mess. I guess he was too bored waiting for everyone else to settle and couldn't contain his yawn. Oh my! Handsome Benjamin ruined the shot! For a change, this time it wasn't Luna who created the blur.

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Aww…look at Luna’s sweet smile!  Wonderful picture smile



This is such a happy picture.  It looks like you told Henry and Loonie the funniest joke they’ve heard in a long time.  *giggle*  Baby Benny, you are handsome even while yawning!  Kisses to you all!



Benny, it’s ok, this is still a good picture.  Everyone knows pugs never take bad pictures…they are all great in their own unique ways.



The life of a pug-supermodel isn’t easy.  hehehe

I agree with Heather.  It’s a happy picture.

sue s


With such a happy group-how could any photo be bad? Keep on smiling-this is a day maker! Pug-hugs from the Colorado 5



I think even if they wiggle they always take beautiful pictures they look very happy in this one

Welcome back Grannygoogs we have missed you



When I saw the picture, I thought the subject was going to be about tongues.  However, shame on Benny.  Perhaps he just wanted more attention.  Luna has just the sweetest look on her face and I think Henry is just saying, “Hurry up, already”.

GG - left a note of welcome on yesterday’s blog.  Now OBP-land is complete.

Karen B.


Still a good pic!  Hold still Benny, ya little rascal!

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