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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ode to Pumpkin Bread

Here is a little video of Benjamin, Henry & Luna enjoying their pumpkin bread treat this weekend.  Enjoy!

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What FABULOUSLY behaved puggies!!!  My boys are good with that trick too.  I loved seeing little luna scooting her tushy up with excitement…but she was good, she waited!  LOVED it!  And now…I’m craving ME some pumpkin bread!!!



Haha!  Such good manners!  They are so cute smile
I bet that table needed some windex-ing after that, Benny made sure to lick up every last crumb.



They are SO GOOD at leave it!



I’m so impressed.  How on earth did you get all three of them to do that?  Good grief, we paid $400 for a trainer and all Rocky and Adrian know how to do is sit for a carrot!

crazy pug lady


You crack me up! 

It seems like the folks @ OBP have some well behaved puggies, though.
Nice jobs pugs!



Is that Cupid on the piano?  Benny sure looked worried as if he wasn’t going to get a bite, but so cute, all of them.  How marvelously well they all behaved. And Benny was such a gentleman clearing up his place at the table.

Abby had a hard decision to make this a.m.  As the elder of the three pugs, she has a certain say in how they should behave and where they should place themselves on my lap.  Gracie she allows to be tucked up on my left side, Georgie can be in the middle which leaves Abby on the crook of my right arm (very hard to read the morning paper).  However, today, while her place is on the right, she also wanted to be in the middle where Georgie is.  She did the back and forth bit from my arm to my lap, trying to decide which place she really wanted to be and gauging her “tick off Georgie scale”, she settled for the middle of my lap which wedged Georgie up on the left side with Gracie. Gracie knew it didn’t involve her so she just settled down to snooze.  Abby sprawled out in total comfort. Her work done, she goes to sleep. Georgie, the one with patience overload, just waited Abby out and settled down in the small spot Abby left him.  Abby, because she is Abby, has decided she is keeper of the lap and therefore decides who sleeps where.

Pug hugs,
Huckle chuckles
& Cooper is still here!

Elizabeth Stratton


Hey Huckle,
On my computer I don’t even see a piano.  I see two little Pugs, one with a piece of what I take to be Pugkin bread.  I know these Pugs are fans of Pugkin Bread.  I have never gotten it for Mini Andy Cooper because my Vet told me to feed him only his Pug food.  He is not too happpy with that situation, needless to say.

What a sweet little Pug peeking at the Pugkin Bread.  Looks good to me too.

Here’s to all Pugs everywhere!
Elizabeth and Mini Anderson Cooper in NY~



Elizabeth, I think Huckle was referring to the music and wondered if Cupid was playing the music on the piano.

Huckle, you are too funny, and you have funny pugs as well.

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