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Friday, May 27, 2011

Open Sesame


I think this is her way of asking us to open the blinds. You got to love the little girl!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Lola's Mum


Heh. Looks familiar to me!



If I stare long enough, they will open…
Love you miss Luna!! Happy weekend to all!

pug mama


Being without opposable thumbs, sure makes life tough, huh Luna?  You ain’t got nothin on my polydactyl kitty!



Yes, it looks familiar!  Toby loves to look out the window.

  Luna is such a good grl.  Speedy recovery sweetheart!



Too funny. What a sweetheart. I love how they stay in the “position” while you get your camera. Pip always moves by the time I’m actually trying to take the pic. But he will stand like that at the kitchen or even the stove if there is something up there he wants.

Feel better soon Miss. Luna.

Have a great weekend everyone! Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip.



thanks for my friday mourning smile Muss Luna such a sweetie have a great weekend everyone enjoy have fun

Grannygoogs how is Missy Tina Turners eye doing sending good thoughts your way for speedy healing



Does it work?  I’ll bet it does!



Such a sweet girl. grin  We hope she gets better and better.




OOPS Sorrella came through her surgery just fine this morning and her mom was heading to pick her up from the vet.  Should be home around noon EST.



She is waiting so patiently. Romeo has to climb on chairs to look out windows, but he doesn’t.  If he did he would be very impatient.  Luna, you are such a sweet baby.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial weekend.



Luna looks like Abby staring down her food.  Why do they do that (with food)?

Luna, you are so precious and adorable and are so smart to get your point across.

Corrine - did your sidelights and door come with the enclosed blinds?  We need to replace ours (Cooper1’s antics) and I never thought of this kind of add on, if that’s what you did?

Good news about Sorrella. Keep us informed.

Enjoy your weekend, kids.  It’s a nice long one.

Pugs hugs
Huckle &
the Swamp Pugs

Karen B.


OMgosh!  Could she POSSIBLY GET ANY CUTER????  I laughed out loud when I saw this…

Have a great weekend everyone!  Stay safe!



Miss Luna, you are too cute!!  and yes, if you stare at it long enough it will open!!  haahaa
Long weekend for you folks across the border from me… enjoy, be safe!!

Corrine - OBP


Hi Huckle,

We actually got the blinds for the sidelights and the door from Lowes.  They are things that just hook on to your existing door.  They were very easy to install and come in quite handy when we don’t want the pugs to see what is going on outside.

pamela g. shier


Luna,You are some beautiful girl. I actually cried when I read your story and that of the rescue pugs.We don’t have one that I’m aware of here in Saskatchewan,if there was one I would be over-run with all the puglets!!! I’m such a baby sometimes!

Grannygoogs-Please update us on Missy Tina Turners progress-are prayers are with her and Luna as well.

On the brighter side, I got to see the new puglets that my friend Sandra’s puggies had in May. Lord how adorable are THEY!! They are down to 4 babies as 2 were lost(tooo sad :(.) However the remaining four are all very healthy and are becoming more active every hour it seems.
I must admit they are a terrific batch of Puglets.
Congratulations to Puggie Parents,Puglet and Francois!!
Good Job.

pug hugs to all

Pam and the Canadian Pugs
Blaze.Karmin and Kaylee

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