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Wednesday, July 6, 2011



It cracks me up when the pugs peer through the cutout on the back of the kitchen chairs. You really can't do anything in the kitchen without them knowing about it.

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Luna you are just precious!  Love you little girl smile



Hellooo Mamma!  Whatcha doin’ over there, by the cupboard?  Is that a nanner I see?  mmmm…
Luna girl you are too cute for words this morning!



Looney, you are just making me smile pretty girl!!  I bet you are waiting ever so daintily and patiently while mom prepares your delicious food bowls…or bossing her around so she moves faster!  *giggle*  Love you pretty lady…

Sue VDB and Pug Mama:  Prayers for total healing still going up and ever so grateful for the health of Abby and Romeo…(and all our puggers!).  Thank you St. Francis…



Luna as always you are a cutie I love the look

So happy to hear Abby and Romeo are doing better
thank you St. Francis



Looneytunes…you are so adorable. I bet you and your brothers are very happy that your Mom bought those types of kitchen chairs. Keep an eye on your Mom in the kitchen. Being a pug is hard work.

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip

mary castagnoli


“The Eyes of Luna Are Upon You”.  My Bella is black and sits so very still, she is able to hide in plain sight from me (my eyes are getting old) - but I can ALWAYS find her when she’s watching me - if feel her big ol’ brown eyes just zero-ed in.

Sometimes if I forget to do something in my morning routine - Bella will “woof” to get my attention - which is effective in getting me back on track.  She stays on top of things, does Bella - and I’m sure Luna is every bit as vigilant in seeing to it that everything gets taken care of - just so!!



Luna almost seems like she is looking at herself in the mirror. She is such a little sweetie.

pug mama


Luna looks like she is in her own private, personal-size spaceship smile

Karen B.


Oh, Luna, silly little peeker!



Love the look of concentration on her sweet little face.  Hope those chairs last a long time because I think you would have some miffed pugs if they couldn’t sit and watch the goings on. 

I have to agree with Brenda.  At first I thought she was looking at herself in a mirror…old eyes are not as perceptive.  I’m referring to myself Brenda, not you.



I thought she was looking through a doggy door.  Talk about old eyes…

What a giggle.  I’ll laugh all day with this one.  Sweet, precious Luna. I just love Looney Tunes.

I have a little (I promise) snippet to share that also makes me smile.  If I hadn’t seen this, I would have been skeptical of someone telling me this.

We have a “nest” on the family room floor which besides pet blankets has that large bunny there also.  This bunny I had gotten for Georgie and he was resting on it himself spread out.

Well Abby was tired after a long day.  Abby needed a place to rest also.  Abby headed for the rabbit as I watched.  It didn’t matter to her that Georgie was already there.  She lay down on another part of the rabbit but that wasn’t good enough.  With her butt aimed at Georgie she scooted him over and over until he was completely off the rabbit and she was laying in the middle of it.Georgie was so sweet about it and didn’t say one cuss word and went to sleep on the area that Abby allowed him.

mary castagnoli


Pugs Butts Move Mountains!

Gwen aka Lilo n me


Lmao! I had to do that with Lilo the other day. Soon as i got up she planted her little puggy butt in my spot on my orthopedic cushion.  It used to be if it looked like you were going to sit on her, she would move. Not this time! I had to pull and abby. my big butt moves pugs!

I too thought she was looking through at a mirror, or through a hole in a door as well, so i don’t know if it has anything to do with age. Cus i am certainly not going to brand my eyes as old lol. I think it’s almost an optical illusion. Yah Yah, that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

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