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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pug Friendly


Since the weather has been very pug friendly the last week or so, the pugs have been way more active as of late. They are in the yard more soaking up the sun, we are back to going on quick walks at lunch and long walks in the evenings. During the summer the pugs don't dare attempt to walk during midday hours. Plus, the pugs can venture out with us in the car when we run some errands without getting overheated.

I know winter is settling in in many places and that means lots of cold weather and limited walks and pug activities. But in FL, winter is season that best agrees with pugs.

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Luna is such a little doll.  This week in Florida, my Toby is very energetic and is loving his walks.  During the summer, we have to get out so early and he can’t wait to get home!

  Enjoy the weather Puggies!



Another precious photo, this time of stunning Luna.  Glad to see the puggers are able to get more exercise.  Pug friendly weather is the best.



Corrine - you forgot snow…and ice…and all the accouterments (grrrrrr) of winter up here in what seems like the north pole.

At first, I thought this was a picture of Solsey (and my heart did pitter-patter) then realized it was precious Luna in a characteristic pug pose.

Abby’s giving smooooooooooches today so everybody gets one.

Drools, licks & Pug snorts
Huckle & the Swamp Pugs



Lovely Luna~glad the weather is pug friendly for you. It is finally cooling down here in Nebraska and I love it. Not much of a summer girl.

Pip is happy too. I got him to chase his favorite toy up and down the hall 3 times yesterday! He came back the 4th time w/o the pig and sat down next to me. That was his way of saying ‘enough’.

Pug Hugs from Gina & Pip



Aw pretty girl, you look pooped from all of your adventures!  Pug weather is the greatest…and we are very jealous as I sit here in my sweater…Some day, some day we will be where there is no snow!!!

Huckle, give Abby a smooch from us too!

Sue, so happy to hear your Abby’s report yesterday…sounds like that surgery is treating her well…love the puggie dance!

Love and licks to all!!!

Hellen Norton


Dear Luna what a great way to spend a pugs day! You are so sweet and we all love you…along with your brothers, of course.



Luna you look all tuckered out from all the exercise I noticed my gang are much more active now that the Florida weather has changed we have been going on lots of walks since Abby has to be walked as much as possible the only thing is the rest of the gang has to take turns to hard to walk six pugs all at once they are spending more time outside now
Huckle how is Cooper doing lately has he gotten into anything lately?



Bennie and I are loving the north Texas fall, too.

patty v


very cute pictures of luna lately. has she been taking modeling lessons in her spare time?

pug mama


Miss Luna, hope you’re not freezing your toesies off with all the outside time, cuz we know you like to be toasty warm, you little Miami girl!!

Abby is thoroughly enjoying the atypical midwestern fall and November, still much nicer, and sunnier than we’re used to.  The “sniffing” walks take longer, but I think we only cover 1/4 the distance we used to:-)  And, oh my, don’t let anything come between Abby and a pile of leaves!!!



oh sweet luna you are just to precious as we are going into our winter here lucky you in the good ole south.

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